You Can Travel With CBD—Here’s How

Worried travelers turn to CBD for its calming effects. But crossing borders with him can be tricky. We break down the rules for you and the best products to try.

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As the journey is making a comeback and whether you’re heading back to the friendly skies or the open road, you may also feel a bit of foreboding after so much grounded time. Some nervous travelers take CBD, or cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating cannabis plant extract, for its calming effects. Others use it for treat jet lag or relieve muscle pain.

But can you fly with cbd oil or gummies? Here’s what you need to know about traveling with CBD, plus some of our favorite products for travelers.

Can you travel with CBD?

According to CST, CBD products containing less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the standard for hemp-derived CBD as opposed to cannabis-derived CBD, are permitted on board aircraft in checked or carry-on baggage. Keep in mind that marijuana and some cannabis products containing more 0.3% THC are illegal under federal law and should not be carried on airplanes. The TSA website claims that passenger screening is to detect potential threats and keep everyone safe and not to check for illegal substances, but that said, the laws are pretty clear and breaking them is ill-advised.

Although CBD has been federally legal since 2018, keep in mind that CBD regulations vary from state to state. For example, it is perfectly legal to travel with CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC in the state of Vermontbut in Kansas, only CBD products without THC are considered legal. And even that is confusing because all forms and combinations of CBD appear on the list of prohibited substances. Before bringing CBD products to a new state, it is best to research local regulations.

Traveling abroad with CBD is even trickier. Although Canada has legalized cannabis in 2018, it is always against the law crossing the Canadian border with cannabis and cannabis-containing products, even if you have a medical marijuana license. Likewise, traveling abroad anywhere in the EU prohibits the possession of cannabis and cannabis-containing products, regardless of the laws of the country you are visiting. And if you decide to buy cannabis in an EU country, for example the Netherlands, the safest option is to leaving behind if your European adventures have you hopping from country to country.

The benefits of CBD for travelers

With the top legal stuff out of the way, let’s dive into the benefits and uses of CBD for travelers.

“The literature studying the effects of cannabis on anxiety is quite robust,” says Timothy Byars, Director of Medical Cannabis Programs at Pacific College of Health and Science. Studies, of which there are more than a hundred now, show promising evidence that CBD can reduce anxiety.

But while CBD’s potential to help stressed or anxious travelers is fairly well known, Byars says it can also promote wakefulness, at least at lower doses. CBD edibles and oils that promote energy or focus are on the rise, although research has yet to delve deeper into the boosting effects of CBD. Still, we’d be remiss to ignore CBD’s potential to help weary, jet-lagged travelers combat fatigue and exhaustion. This writer, for one, found CBD products promising “energy” or “focus” to be a better bet than drinking another cup of coffee when the inevitable jet lag hits. And Boston-based musician Tedros McCrary says he’s found CBD helpful when traveling out west when traveling requires adjusting to a different time zone. “It’s subtle but effective,” he says.

The Best CBD Products for Travelers

Whether you’re looking for a way to relax in-flight or focusing on a busy travel schedule to make up for lost time, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our picks for the best CBD products for travelers. Each contains less than 0.3% THC, so it’s legal to travel with on domestic flights in the United States.

This CBD chocolate bar is made from 72% dark chocolate.

1. Best CBD Chocolate Bar: Green Element CBD Chocolate Bar

  • Buy now: $15 for a three ounce bar,
  • CBD per serving: 25mg
  • THC per serving: 00.0133 percent

This Malagasy bean-to-bar chocolate bar is so tasty, it can be hard to stop at just one square. But reminiscent of the industry adage shared by Byars, “Start low and go slow,” we recommend sticking to the suggested square dose, which contains 25mg of CBD from full-spectrum hemp extract. . Intended to relieve all sorts of travel ailments, from inflammation to anxiety and sleep issues, the preservative-free chocolate bar is a good alternative if you don’t like gummies or oils.

Wyld CBD gummies are made with real fruit.

2. Best CBD Candy: Wyld Blackberry CBD Candy

  • Buy now: $35 for 20 erasers,;
  • CBD per serving: 25mg
  • THC per serving: Without THC

If you care about authentic (read: non-artificial) flavors, you’d be hard-pressed to find a tastier gum than the one produced by this artisanal Oregon brand. Evoking the bounty of the Pacific Northwest, Blackberry CBD Gummies, made from THC-free hemp, are particularly delicious and effective. A general-purpose bite of CBD, a single dose can be taken before takeoff or after a long hike when your muscles need some attention.

3. Best CBD Honey: Red Belly Honey Snap Packs

  • Buy now: $15 for a five-pack,
  • CBD per serving: 1.8mg
  • THC per serving: 0.3% or less

These travel-ready packs of pure CBD-infused honey get our seal of approval for both their flavor profile – floral, fruity and earthy – and for their cooling effect on tired limbs, aching joints and aching spirits. race. With so many gummies on the market, it can be easy to forget that not everyone has a taste for candy. Plus: This honey can be eaten on its own, mixed into a drink, or drizzled over toast or crackers to enhance even the most basic airplane food.

4. Best CBD for Beginners: Eco Therapy CBD Mints Relax

A great option for someone who’s just dipped their toes into the wide world of cannabinoids, these mints are beautifully packaged – we almost feel soothed by the wrapper alone – and discreet. Containing just a handful of ingredients, including green tea extract, chamomile and ginger, each mint packs 10mg of CBD and its effects are subtle but manage to take stress levels down a few notches.

In addition to CBD, this oil contains melatonin, a natural hormone that regulates sleep and can also be taken to combat insomnia and jet lag.

5. Best CBD for jet lag (falling asleep): Highline Wellness CBD Night Oil

  • Buy now: $40 for a one ounce bottle,
  • CBD per serving: 16.6mg
  • THC per serving: Without THC

We’ll admit we were first drawn to this product because of its attractive, streamlined packaging and design, but remained in love after administering a dropper before bed on our first night back in a hotel in an unfamiliar bed and continued to fall into a deep, relaxing sleep. The 5mg of melatonin in the recommended dose undoubtedly played a part in the oil that put us to sleep, but it’s hard not to feel equally grateful for the groggy-free mornings, likely aided by the hemp-derived CBD. oil.

6. Best CBD for jet lag (staying awake): Mindset Wellness Focus Gummies

  • Buy now: $52 for 50 gummies,
  • CBD per serving: 10mg
  • THC per serving: 0.011 percent

Truth be told, we’re in every category of Mindset Gummies: happy, calm, rest, recovery, beauty, focus, but if we had to pick just one for our travel needs right now, we’d go with focus. Containing the terpene pinene, which can aid memory and fuel creative juices, these blueberry gummies are a great option for travelers with busy itineraries who struggle with jet lag-related brain fog. Additionally, pinene, a terpene found in pine, rosemary, and basil, may also help relieve pain.

7. Best Topical CBD: Healing Rose Lemon Ginger Menthol 4X Herbal Salve

  • Buy now: $80 for a 2.25 ounce jar,
  • CBD per serving: 4.76 mg, based on a pea-sized amount
  • THC per serving: 0.3% or less

Travel often requires a certain amount of stamina. Whether it’s a long international flight, a multi-day road trip, or an Amtrak interstate trip, the inevitability of muscle and joint pain is always present. While many ingestible CBD products claim to reduce inflammation and ease arthritis or other chronic pain issues, we love the quick relief from a topical salve. And a bit of this product, made in Massachusetts by a women-run company, goes a long way.

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