Why you should visit Malawi, the friendly heart of Africa

Malawi, a small landlocked country in southeast Africa, is characterized by a spectacular array of wildlife, from majestic zebras to the brightly colored fish that call the huge Lake Malawi home. Its rich cultural heritage and ease of living also sets Malawi apart. The friendly people of Malawi have earned the country the nickname “the warm heart of Africa”.

In addition to the warm welcome they receive from the locals, visitors can enjoy various recreational and cultural activities in the country. Water sports, including scuba diving and boating, are common activities enjoyed in Cape Maclear, known for its scenic resorts and clear waters. Make Malawi your next travel destination for these reasons.


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Unique in beauty, Lake Malawi is a sight to behold

Lake Malawi is the most popular destination for locals and visitors in Malawi. This large expanse of crystal clear fresh water with golden sandy beaches offers more than sun, sand and swimming for those looking for something more. Lake Malawi offers a variety of water sports and activities with a wide selection of boats and boards, allowing guests to explore the channels, islands and beaches of the lake.

The crystal clear water of Lake Malawi makes snorkeling an excellent method to observe the kaleidoscope of tropical fish that inhabit the lake and feed on the rocks along the coast. Those looking to brush up on their scuba diving skills will find PADI-accredited dive schools along the shores of the lake. Some resorts also offer water skiing, sailing or paddleboarding.

Chikale Beach in the Nkhatabay area hosts a beach party every Sunday for anyone in the mood to party. There is always a large local and foreign crowd at these events, as well as music, food and drink. Evenings on this beach usually end with bonfires and music that lasts until the next day. However, the Lake of Stars event is Malawi’s most famous beach party. Here, customers enjoy live music from various African artists. Partygoers enjoy glamping, drinking and dancing along the shore of the lake.

Mount Mulanje offers the most memorable views and experiences

Mulanje, a small town in southern Malawi, is home to Mount Mulanje, a large granite mountain that rises sharply above the surrounding plain. Sapitwa Peak, at just over 3,000 m (9,840 ft) in height, is the highest peak in the mountain and in south-central Africa. The mountain is one of the largest granite inselbergs in the world and features some of the finest granite rock climbing in the world.

The majestic beauty of Mount Mulanje attracts climbers and non-climbers alike, while the peak of Sapitwa offers spectacular views of Zomba Mountain and Lake Chirwa. The mountain offers memorable climbing and trekking experiences thanks to its scenic landscape, easy access, promising trails and well-maintained lodges. It is possible to walk through valleys and pools past roaring waterfalls with a breathtaking backdrop of towering peaks.

The cedar groves of Mulanje, some of which are over 200 years old, lie on the steepest slopes of the mountain. Swimming in the water at high altitude is an exhilarating experience and the lower sections of the river are easily accessible by car.

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Majete Wildlife Reserve is a great place to see the Big Five

Since African Parks took over Majete National Park in 2003, the park has made a remarkable recovery, becoming the first Big Five wildlife sanctuary in the country. In Majete, visitors have a fantastic opportunity to see Majete’s population of large mammals, which has grown to over 12,000. Majete was also able to reclaim its Big Five park status. With the elephant population growing so rapidly, the reserve was able to move family groups from Majete to Nkhotakota in the northernmost region of the country.

Mkulumadzi Camp is the perfect base for a Big Five safari in Majete, surrounded by a 7,000 hectare private wildlife concession. A rope bridge spans the river, leading to a scenic setting lined with towering lead trees. The lodge consists of eight beautiful chalets, each with an en-suite bathroom, large bathtub, private outdoor shower and natural light. Your private deck overlooks the hippo mud bath and you can swim in the pool or dine alfresco under the stars weather permitting.

While in Mkulumadzi, there are plenty of opportunities to explore Majete and get up close to native animals and birds. Bird watchers will enjoy the boat safaris, which offer an excellent opportunity to observe different species of birds, hippos and crocodiles.

  • Staying by Lake Malawi: Mgoza Lodge is located in the heart of Cape Maclear, on the shores of Lake Malawi. The lodge offers exceptional accommodations for different budgets, including thatched-roof dorms and private huts. The garden offers stunning views of the lake and a glimpse of village life. Visit Mgoza Lodge here.
  • Where to eat: Banapaya at Cape Maclear in Lake Malawi National Park offers local fish dishes at reasonable prices, such as the famous Chambo fish. Visit the establishment on Tripadvisor.