What are ‘turkey teeth’, the latest trend that dentists are warning about?

One last cosmetic dental The trend, known as ‘Turkey Teeth’, of traveling overseas to beautify your teeth, has become hugely popular on social media platforms. Apparently it gained momentum after celebrities and influencers such as Katie Price, Kerry Katona and Jack Fincham were spotted traveling to Turkey to have veneers mis.

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This has led many dentists in the UK to warn people of the associated dangers, as several patients have complained of painful complications including teeth that die/rotexcessive pain and, in some cases, crowns instead of veneers.

The British Dental Association (BDA) surveyed 1,000 dentists about dental tourism and found that “95% of dentists said they had seen patients who had traveled abroad for dental treatment. Of these, 86% say they have treated cases that have developed complications. Crowns were identified as the treatment most likely to require follow-up work, followed closely by implants.”

While many travel to Turkey for cheap dental care, experts say there are several hidden costs. “Two-thirds of dentists said it cost patients at least £500 to repair damage to their the teeth. More than half said it cost over £1,000. One in five of these dentists said the cost was over £5,000,” BDA said.

There has been speculation that this procedure could be quite painful (Source: Pixabay)

Explaining the trend, Dr Suman Yadav, Chief Dental Officer, Healing Tree Hospital Indrapuram, Ghaziabad, said: “‘Turkey teeth’ is a new term for the very white, incredibly square and attractive teeth that millennials and social media users, in particular, are eager to acquire. People who have undergone dental treatment abroad, mainly in Turkey, are said to have “Turkey teeth”. A significant reduction in the cost of this procedure in Turkey is the main reason individuals choose to get it.

For people opting for “turkey teeth”, several options are available to you: shape, quality and shades. “However, these teeth often look fake because they are bigger and whiter than they should be,” Dr. Yadav said.

Possible dental complications

“There has been speculation that this procedure could be very painful,” the expert said. indianexpress.comlisting several possible complications of performing this procedure.

* Nerve damage / tissue damage
*Severe pain
*Swelling and redness
* Difficulty chewing
*Irritation and inflammation in the particular area

Advice to follow before cosmetic dental surgery

The ideal preparation for all dental cosmetics operation the treatment is good dental hygiene, Dr. Yadav explained. Follow these tips:

* Make frequent appointments for dental check-ups and cleaning before such surgery.
*Avoid smoking before the cosmetic oral surgery, although stopping permanently is strongly recommended.
* Limit your intake of meals high in sugar and acid because these substances deteriorate the enamel of your teeth. Cavities are caused by these acids. Teas, coffeeand acidic fruits can all erode tooth enamel.

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