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Traveling the vast regions of Vardoran on foot isn’t easy, and given how little explanation V Rising does, chances are you won’t be using all of the available fast travel methods that can get you there. help reduce your commute times quite significantly.

While there’s no perfect method for fast travel in V Rising, our fast travel guide below details everything you need to know about using Vampire Waygates and the rather well-hidden Cave Passages that offer game-changing fast travel options that we highly recommend taking. full advantage of.


This quick travel guide will also provide helpful custom maps that detail the locations of all vampire passages and caves.

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How to fast travel in V Rising

In order to fast travel in V Rising, you’ll need to discover Vampire Waygates, which are represented by green portal-like icons on the map. Unfortunately, these icons will only appear on the map once you’ve traveled a certain distance from them – our handy map below shows all of the Vampire Waygate locations.

It’s important to note that Vampire Waygates aren’t as useful as you might think, as V Rising doesn’t allow you to use Waygates while carrying resources and loot in your inventory. This means Waygates are incredibly limiting, as you will either have to drop items or just walk to the desired location.

As you’ve probably noticed, traversing the vast world of Vardoran on foot isn’t necessarily fast, but you’ll be happy to know that as you progress through the game you’ll eventually unlock the ability to build a Vampire Waygate to your Castle, which makes traversing the vast regions much easier.

While not technically a fast travel method, your character can use vampire powers to transform into a wolf, human, rat, bear, frog, and even a bat.

Forms such as the wolf and the bat will increase your resistance to elements like the sun and your movement speed, which can greatly help you travel long distances.

Luckily, Vampire Waygates aren’t your only fast travel options in V Rising, as you’ll also be able to use Cave Passages, which offer some pretty handy features you’ll want to take full advantage of.

How to find and use cave passages for fast travel

In addition to Vampire Waygates, Cave Passages are another method that can be used to fast travel through the regions of Vardoran. What differentiates the two methods is that Cave Passages allows you to fast travel with resources and loot in your inventory, which cannot be done with Vampire Waygates.

To find cave passages, look for glowing red cracks found on the side of rock walls. Then press and hold F to cycle through the cave system as you approach the bright space.


The only downside is that Cave Passages is essentially a one-way teleporter as the exit will always be located on a cliff which isn’t usually accessible – not even by Frog-Shaped or Bat-Shaped Vampire Powers. However, that said, as long as you stay on the ledge of the Cave Passage exit, you will have the option to return to the cave entrance.

We recommend planning your castle builds around the exits of these cave passages, as this will allow you to unload resources much faster, especially in regions with lots of end-game materials such as the Cursed Forest.

Unfortunately, following cave passages isn’t that easy because, unlike vampire portals, they won’t be marked on your map when discovered. Luckily, we’ve created a handy map that details the locations of all the cave passages and vampire portals below.

All Vampire Gate and Cave Passage locations

Above, you’ll find a comprehensive map that details the locations of all the portals and passageways to the Vampire Caves in Vardoran. Additionally, the map also provides the entry and exit points for each cave passage.

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All Farbane Woods portal locations

In total, there are four Vampire Waygates in the Farbane Woods area. Unfortunately, these Waygates are spread along the outskirts of the region, so you’ll have to rely on Cave Passages for quick access to fast travel methods if you want to build towards the center of the region.

All Dunley Farmlands walkway locations

There are four Vampire Waygate locations in the Dunley Farmlands area. However, it should be noted that most of these Waygates are located towards the southern end of the region, so you will need to rely on the two cave passages found in the northwest area of ​​the region for your fast travel needs if you opt to build further north.

All Silverlight Hills Waygate Locations


Unfortunately, the Silverlight Hills region only has one Vampire Waygate, located in the northeast part of the region. Although a cave passage can be found not too far south of the lane gate, you might find that fast traveling through the Silverlight Hills area can be a little difficult.

All Cursed Forest Portal Locations

Much like Silverlight Hills, the Cursed Forest region only has one portal, which is in the southern part of the region, not too far from where the Cursed Forest meets Dunley Farmlands.

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