Visit Orlando combines with an economic partner

Visit Orlando, the leading tourism arm promoting one of the top destinations in the United States, enters a brand partnership with the Orlando Economic Partnership to help attract tourism, conventions, business conferences and business relocation.

The marketing will operate under the slogan “Incredibly real”.


“For the first time ever, our destination will have a voice, a look, a feel and a brand that we will bring to market,” said Cassandra Matej, CEO of Visit Orlando, according to

According to a video shown by Matej and Orlando Economic Partnership Chairman and CEO Tim Giuliani, “(Orlando) is where you can live in the moment or create memories that never fade. Where unicorns come in the form of startups, where you can be your true supercharged personality, where fantasy and innovation are serious business. Here, anything is possible if you can imagine it and that’s what makes Orlando incredibly real.

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said the partnership was a perfect fit, citing data that shows people plan to live in places they know while on vacation or at a conference.

“It’s not hard to imagine how a CEO visiting Orlando for a convention or a family vacation might then want to move his company here,” Demings said. “Our audiences cross paths and in order to have a bigger impact on a consistent basis, we created a compelling message about why to visit, move or start a business in the Orlando area.”

The new campaign follows a monthly tourist tax collection for Orange County that was 23% higher than March 2019, according to Orange County Comptroller Phil Diamond.

The news also comes after the kerfuffle involving Florida Governor Ron DeSantis clamping down and eliminating Walt Disney World’s tax-exempt status after 55 years after the company criticized DeSantis’ law banning the teaching of sexual orientation. or gender identity to students in kindergarten through third grade. grade.