Turkish Masters Snooker 2022 LIVE – Ding Junhui takes on Matthew Selt before Judd Trump meets Shaun Murphy in the semi-finals


Matthew Selt – Ding Junhui


Ding 3-3 Selt (68-34)

Both men make basic errors, but it’s Ding who clears at the end of the frame to advance 4-3. Selt could have easily led 5-2, but suddenly sends water in this semi-final.

Turkish masters

“Worst I’ve played in 10 years” – Trump


Ding 3-3 Selt (27-34)

So a slack for Selt as Ding goes down for once. Building tension. Selt at the table, but he manages to overcut a green in place. It’s a body shot. Salt collapses at the table. Could cost him this frame.

Ding 3-3 Selt (12-7)

Ding tries to sneak into a red in a center pocket, but misses. Selt then goes to the pack of reds on blues, but unearths an undesirable planted in the form of red drops. Well, that’s bad news for Matt as he nods. Ding suddenly gets good fortune.

Ding 2-3 Selt (90-56)

A 90 break from Ding. Never really in doubt. Those simple reds that Selt missed at the start of the fourth frame and the middle of the sixth suddenly come into context. We are all at level 3-3.

Ding 2-3 Selt (55-56)

This match really changes the momentum..Ding in a few colors to level it all up..

Ding 2-3 Selt (0-56)

Break moves to 48, but misses a straight red in the middle. What a chance was missed up there. Everything is getting very tense there.

Ding 2-3 Selt (0-9)

Salt with a thick attempt on a long red. Ding came up with another chance, but he can’t grab a mid-range one. Chance for Selt and he deftly rolls red down the middle. Big visit to the table coming up for Matt.

Ding 1-3 Selt (98-0)

Ding’s sleek 60 strike to bring this frame to clinical halt. Really starting to get your bearings. Selt with work on his hands to change the direction of travel.

Ding 1-3 Selt (53-0)

Selt arguably happier keeping it tight than getting involved in a goal battle, but Ding picks a nice long red followed by a blue to split the pack. Chance for Ding to claim a second consecutive frame.

Ding 1-3 Selt (38-0)

Up to 38, but that will be the end of the break. Another safety fight on the horizon to see who gets the next chance in that fifth frame.

Ding 1-3 Selt (23-0)

Selt attempted to try red in a center pocket, but still looked like a tough ask. Red remains standing. Chance then for Ding to compile some points in his attempt to get closer to 3-2 behind.

Ding 0-3 Selt (97-9)

No century for Ding, but a break of 97 sees him trailing 3-1 at halftime. 15 minute break before players return. Ding will feel better after this splendid break.

Ding 0-3 Selt (79-4)

It could be a century from Ding to complete this little four-frame mini-session.

Ding 0-3 Selt (41-4)

Much more like that from Ding. Moves up to 41 as he tries to get out of that grip Selt had him in for the first three frames. Should be 3-1 at halftime.

Ding 0-3 Selt (7-4)

Ding sees a white guy come in trying to play it safe. Selt can’t break through a long red from the D. Disappointed with that as Ding then picks the red to the middle bag. Chance for DIng to move in that fourth frame and punish Selt’s mistake.

Ding 0-3 Selt (0-0)

Selt is 3/5 with Ding 12/5 against in live odds. One more image before the mid-session interval in the six-man race.

Ding 0-2 Selt (56-63)

Ding’s safety mistake to leave Selt with the chance of a long black in an upper pocket. It takes its time before riding in the dark with ease. And that’s a 3-0 lead for whoever started this game as the second seed. This status is gone now.

Ding 0-2 Selt (56-56)

And it will be a re-spotted black in the third frame as Ding produces an expert play on colors. Ding’s first decent shot on that black ball game after Selt won the toss.

Ding 0-2 Selt (29-56)

Ding to the last red, but can’t roll it. Selt slides into red with a decent little cut before sinking into black. Selt leads by 27 with 27 remaining as yellow slips past him. Chance then for Ding to force the black spot again.

Ding 0-2 Selt (13-48)

Ding’s frustration continues. Has been largely frozen so far. Selt does a relatively solid job, but misses the red with rest on the cut of a 3-0 lead. Will this absence be a turning point?

Ding 0-2 Selt (12-2)

Well, all kinds of things are happening. Selt misses the cut on a red, but leaves Ding with an awkward spotter. He can’t push it home, but Selt then misses a thin cut on the red. So lucky for Ding to put on his goalscoring boots, but a red in the middle doesn’t interfere with the pocket. Ding doesn’t look very happy with his lot.

Ding 0-2 Selt (0-0)

Decent little 33 clearance to finish the second frame. Selt takes the first steps in this semi-final. He leads 2-0.

Ding 0-1 Selt (1-58)

Selt is progressing well in this framework. Needs another red and another color and it will go 2-0 to the world No. 31. Goes black. Ding needs two snookers otherwise Selt doubles his advantage.

Ding 0-1 Selt (1-17)

I don’t know if Ding tried to double down on a red up and down the table, but he left it on a pocket. Another chance for Selt to move into that second frame.

Ding 0-1 Selt (1-0)

Long red from Ding. Nice pot, but no color to follow. It’s fair to say he hasn’t had the ball yet, but that can quickly change.

Ding 0-0 Selt (46-65)

Selt refuses a pot on red, but the decision to play it safe pays off. Ding leaves red on the middle bag. Chance to advance 1-0. And he takes out the bullets until black. Solid start from the Indian Open champion.

Ding 0-0 Selt (46-39)

Both men trying to get that frame won on the final red. Ding nearly missed it while escaping from a pool table after Selt missed but got lucky.

Ding 0-0 Selt (46-36)

Turkish crowds love this event. Large crowd absorbed in the action. Selt misses a red in the middle, but produces fantastic long red seconds later.

Ding 0-0 Selt (38-1)

Up to 38 before Ding misses a black dot. Unexpected mistake by former Masters winner. First chance of the day for Selt.

Ding 0-0 Selt (23-0)

These men have met three times in their respective careers with Ding clear 2-1. They last met in the last 64 of the 2018 UK Championship, with Ding emerging as 6-5 winners.

Ding 0-0 Selt (7-0)

Boys on felt. Ding tries to keep things safe from the start. Leaves a long tempter for Selt, but can’t get him in. Ding in the 21st semi-final of his career, but the first since winning the 2019 UK Championship. Nice little shot with remains to be dropped in a red and Ding has access to the board.

Ding 0-0 Selt (0-0)

Welcome to the coastal city of Antalya for the first semi-final of Turkey’s inaugural Masters. The first is Ding Junhui against Matthew Selt before Judd Trump and Shaun Murphy clash at 5pm GMT tonight. Should be another gripping snooker feast to come. Stay here for LIVE updates.

Trump beats Carter to reach semifinals after tilt table controversy

Judd Trump remains on course for a first ranking title of the season after beating Ali Carter 5-3 to reach the semi-finals of the Turkish Masters, the match being played out amid controversy over a table issue which required a jack to fix the problem.

After going through the previous two rounds, Trump’s form was uneven again.

But he’s building a reputation as a player willing to work hard for victory, and it proved the case against Carter as he moved within two frames of the title – and with him a spot in the Tour Championship field.

Table problem between Trump and Carter at the Turkish Masters

He was placed on an outside table after his win over Zhou Yuelong went down, and it was controversial for more than just the fact that he was world No. 3 and one of the biggest names in the sport. not taking the lead. Both players complained about the ball rolling and there were wacky scenes of a jack being used to remedy the situation.

After the controversy, it was Trump who kept his calm to reserve his place in the last four.

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Turkish masters

Trump beats Carter to reach semifinals after tilt table controversy


Turkish masters

Trump wins another decisive frame to beat Zhou and reach the quarterfinals