Turkey hunters have several public land options in Mississippi

Raymond, Miss. (WJTV) – Executives at the Mississippi State University (MSU) Extension Center said the state’s spring turkey season is looming in the not-too-distant future.

For new turkey hunters or those new to hunting on public lands in Mississippi, the process of locating hunting areas can be quite overwhelming and sometimes daunting. There are plenty of opportunities throughout Mississippi starting March 15.

For the southwestern neighbors of the Mississippi, the Homochitto National Forest covers an area of ​​approximately 190,000 acres. It offers a good mix of upland pine and hickory and lowland hardwood habitats, which are excellent for turkey hunting.

In northwest Mississippi are Holly Springs (about 150,000 acres) and the Tombigbee National Forests (about 67,000 acres). Both of these public resources provide large forests of upland oak, hickory, and pine for turkey hunters, as well as plenty of interspersed lowland hardwoods.

In the delta, hunters can take advantage of some of the flattest and most fertile land in the world. The Delta National Forest (60,000 acres) provides large amounts of lowland hardwoods surrounded by agriculture and river corridors.

In central Mississippi, hunters may be more inclined to head east into one of the more centralized national forests in the state. The Bienville National Forest offers nearly 180,000 acres of excellent turkey habitat and may be just the ticket for you to get your hunting fix. It is important to note that the Bienville Wildlife Management Area is only open to applicants who have been lucky enough to draw a permit during the first two weeks of the season.