Travel rebounds despite lower COVID entry restrictions

As more countries lift coronavirus travel restrictions, Americans have the most options of international destinations to visit since the pandemic began.

According to, 118 countries and territories welcome travelers from the United States without a COVID-19 vaccination requirement, while another 109 still require testing, quarantine or both for unvaccinated travelers.


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Americans with a full set of vaccines and boosters can access 190 countries and territories without any testing restrictions. As a result, nearly two-thirds of US travelers are planning a trip within the next three months.

“Travelers seem more relaxed in recent months and I think having more access to destinations is one of the reasons for that,” said Julie Patterson of Wanderfully Planned. “As more countries open up, travelers feel free to select the destinations they’ve wanted to visit for a long time, instead of having to choose from a smaller list.”

Earlier this month, Japan reopened visa-free travel from dozens of countries around the world, eliminating its daily entry cap on tourist arrivals and making it easier for visitors to plan their own getaway in the country without a qualified reservation through an approved travel agency. or tour operator.

With Japan reopening, more than 30 destinations have ended testing and isolation mandates in the past seven weeks, including Bhutan, the Bahamas, Canada and New Zealand.

“The regulatory change provides advisors with more opportunities to help customers plan their dream trip to the destinations that interest them most, which makes both parties very happy,” Patterson continued.

With more and more destinations open for business, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that it screened 2,494,757 air passengers on October 16, the highest daily total since February 2020.

As for the cost of flights, US government data showed airfares rose more than 40% in September compared to the same month in 2021, the fastest rate on record. The data also shows that ticket prices could hit record highs during the Thanksgiving and winter holiday travel periods.

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