Travel Insights report delves into traveler sentiment and readiness to travel in a post-COVID world

The short-term outlook for travel looks favorable and people are looking to spend more and travel longer in 2022.

Travel scenario

After many lockdowns, endless changes in restrictions and constant updates on flights, airport protocols and changes in hotel capacity, many passengers are still eager to travel, even if they are a little more cautious .

Vaccinated travelers

Of all survey respondents, 99% said they had been vaccinated, while only 1% said they had not. The increase in the number of people vaccinated has had a positive impact on travel and reassures people to travel more to countries that have high vaccination rates.

Anticipating and planning a trip

As more restrictions are eased around the world and vaccination rates have increased, people are eager to travel more and make up for lost time.

According to Wego, in 2022, searches for flights and hotels increased by 81% in February and 102% in March. This is proof that people are looking to travel more.

Lower-risk destinations that guarantee easy return have been prioritized. The majority of respondents opted for destinations perceived as safe and where COVID19 protocols were followed.

Remote work and increased hotel bookings

With more people continuing to work remotely in 2022, hotels are seeing strong demand regardless of seasonality. People can work from anywhere and are booking more hotel stays based on their new remote work destination.

As a result, Wego saw an increase in searches for vacation homes by 136%, hotel apartments by 92% and apartments by 69%.

The length of stay increased by 19% in 2022 compared to 2021.

People are also opting for 5-star hotels which follow stricter measures and provide them with a safer travel experience. Wego saw a 66% increase in searches for 5-star hotels.

Airport experience

During these unusual times, airports around the world have put in place the necessary measures to ensure passenger safety. The travel experience has improved, but it’s still not as convenient as it was before COVID.

Travel expenditure and likelihood of traveling + Summer travel

79% of Cleartrip survey respondents witnessed increased Covid19 requirements, lower ticket prices and unforeseen circumstances resulting in flight changes, contributing to a 20% increase of their travel expenses after COVID-19.

78% of respondents are likely to travel, and have trips planned, at least once in the next three months. The short-term outlook for travel looks favourable.

According to data from Wego, the summer of 2022 will be all about long vacations and travelers will spend more on leisure trips to make up for lost time.

Popular destinations

Travelers still want to travel, but additional factors are now taken into account when planning a trip. Destination cases, travel requirements, and ease of travel all currently play a major role.

Leisure destinations

When it comes to the most popular destinations respondents plan to visit, the following seem to remain tourism powerhouses:

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, UK, Georgia, TurkeySerbia, Seychelles.

Average air fares and average booking value 2022

Wego and Cleartrip see an increase in average airfares in 2022 compared to 2019.

Average round-trip fares to and from the United Arab Emirates increased by 23%.

Round-trip air fares to the MENA region increased by 20%.

Round-trip flight tickets to Europe increased by 39%.

Round-trip flight tickets to South Asia increased by 5%.

For India in particular, round-trip fares saw a 21% increase compared to 2019.


In the United Arab Emirates, average flight cancellations in 2019 were 6-7% before COVID19. At the start of the pandemic, cancellations peaked considerably and reached 519% (during this period, very few reservations were made, which coincides with a large number of cancellations of past reservations). In April 2021, the closure of the Asian corridor again led to an increase in cancellations. However, in 2022, with travel resuming, cancellations are slowly returning to pre-COVID19 numbers at 7-8%, with a small spike during the January-February wave. A similar trend was observed in the Saudi market.

Most booked destinations

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: India, Pakistan, Egypt, Qatar, Nepal, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Georgia, Turkey.

Saudi Arabia : Jeddah, Riyadh, DammamJazan, Medina and Tabuk.

Saudi Arabia : EgyptWATER, Qatar, Philippines, Bangladesh, Bahrain

MENA: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, IndiaWATER, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco

Advance Purchase

The rise of the pandemic has also shown a sudden increase in the share of short-term bookings (0-3 days) and a sharp drop in the average number of days between booking and the actual travel date. This was due to the unpredictable changes that COVID19 brought, from sudden border closures to increased restrictions.

In 2022, travelers are much more comfortable planning their trip in advance after more streamlined processes are in place. Although the following waves at the end of 2021 caused a further surge in bookings made close to travel dates, even with simplified travel conditions.

Type of travel and leisure Holidays

Length of stay

The pandemic has led to an increase in unpredictable scenarios and, with expats readjusting their professional and family plans, the proportion of one-way trips has increased in the first months of the pandemic. Cleartrip also saw a corresponding drop in round trips. Round-trip travel, and more particularly leisure travel, has rebounded sharply in recent months.

Saudi Arabia

The share of domestic travel in Saudi Arabia has been observed to increase during times of heightened travel restrictions. The same trend was observed for One way trips.

Wego saw a more than 65% increase in flight searches for leisure travel between January and April 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. Searches for hotels jumped 29% between January and April 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.

Travel time

According to Wego, overall travel time has increased and people are looking for longer trips.

4-7 day trips have seen a 100% increase while demand for 8-11 day trips has increased by 75%.

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