Thousands of Irish tourists could be banned from holiday destinations due to Covid rules

More challenges.

Travel rules have been lifted and we all desperately need a holiday in the sun, but there could be challenges for us.

Many Irish tourists may be denied access to European hotspots like Spain and Portugal as their Covid status may not be up to date.

While some countries have completely lifted restrictions such as Ireland, others are still in place and your Digital Covid Cert is still required to enter these countries, or you will need a negative test if you do not have received the vaccine.

As it has been almost a year since most of us received our first vaccine, your Covid certificate could be expired by the time you leave for the summer.

Spain and Portugal require that you receive a booster, on any date, or that your last dose of Covid is within the previous 270 days if you have not received all three.

For thousands of people who have not yet received their reminder, this could be a problem.

For those traveling to Spain, the Irish Foreign Office said: “An EU DCC or equivalent based on vaccination is valid from 14 days after the last dose of the priming schedule has been administered. vaccination, and not more than 270 days from this date To be valid after this period, vaccination certificates must mention the administration of a booster dose and are valid from the day of administration of the vaccination. the booster dose.

They state the same for Portugal: “European digital Covid certificate or valid equivalent proof of full vaccination at least 14 days and no more than 270 days before travel.

“No time limit applies where passengers can present a valid European Covid digital certificate or equivalent proof of having received a booster dose of vaccine.”

Evidence of recovery from Covid within the last 180 days is also accepted and those who are not vaccinated can undergo various tests to enable them to travel.