This Los Cabos hotel should be on every foodie’s bucket list

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal is known for its serene surroundings (at the southern end of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, it’s wedged between cliffs and the beach); personalized service (it has won five-star hotel and spa Forbes Travel Guide awards since 2020); lavish accommodations (each comes with a plunge pool and ocean views); and a one-of-a-kind spa (treatment rooms sit atop a lagoon). But what some don’t yet know is that it’s also a premier culinary destination.

Hotel Los Cabos offers unique upscale Mexican dining experiences. Whether you want a deep dive in mezcal or an unforgettable cliffside meal, the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal will delight your palate.

A romantic dinner outdoors

Carved into the cliffs at the far end of the property and overlooking the ocean, El Farallon offers a breathtaking spot for dinner. Sit under the stars in the dimly lit, open-air restaurant, watch the foamy water lap on the sandy shore, and listen to the waves pounding the rocks a few feet away. The enchanting setting is eminently romantic – it’s a place to pop the question, commemorate an anniversary or wow people. But it’s equally appropriate to mark a new beginning, an end, or anything in between.

Of course, any celebratory occasion calls for opening bubbles. Upon entering the restaurant, you will find the Champagne Terrace, where you will begin with a tasting. We feasted on a flight of Veuve Clicquot, Henri Abelé and Taittinger as an expert sommelier guided us through each invigorating pour, explaining where it came from and helping you compare tastes. The appetizers allowed us to soak up more of the incredible view from the tables adjacent to the ocean while still allowing us to dine (although we only came for the champagne too).

Walk a few steps from El Farallon for the main event. Your server brings a large menu to the board – and most of it comes from the water around you. Dishes change depending on what the fishermen catch that day, but if you see chocolate clams be sure to order them. The local delicacy gets its name from the dark brown color of its shell. Here, the meaty catch is roasted and deliciously topped with crumbled bacon and chunks of feta.

We also enjoyed a light but tasty green tomatillo salad with a guava vinaigrette, slices of amberjack drizzled with a tangy cilantro sauce, bluefin tuna with mashed pineapple and radishes and a succulent lobster . Settle in for a leisurely meal that allows you to linger with this view.

Taco Tasting

While almost every hotel in Mexico serves tacos, the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal is one of the few that offers formal taco tasting. Beloved street food gets the gourmet treatment from the hotel’s seasonal nine-course Travesía Su Cocina menu, a private dining experience that takes place at a long wooden chef’s table in the hotel’s colorfully tiled hacienda-style kitchen. Don Manuel Restaurant.

Each dish features a protein-stuffed taco ranging from lamb barbacoa to wagyu cheeks Birria. Chef Gustavo Pinet shakes up the traditional taco with versions like lightly breaded and fried oysters and aguachile tucked into a large slice of jicama that doubles as a tortilla. In another creative offering, pieces of uni and crumbled chorizo ​​are artfully layered on a scallop “tostada” with a garnish of edible purple flowers. The flavors sing, especially in the blue shrimp with chintextlea rich smoky Oaxacan chili paste.

Be sure to add the cocktail pairings. Like tacos, each libation offers a taste of Mexico – primarily through agave spirits. The uni tostada arrives with a Sangría Tapatía, a refreshing blend of raicilla (which comes from agave), chardonnay, lime, ginger and soda water. For dessert — a taco with apple, banana and peanut fritters Molefermented pineapple, raspberry chunks and crisp plantains – sip an earthy, sweet mezcal distilled with mole.

Since this is a tasting menu, you also get one last bite. But instead of petit fours, you get short churros and a cup of thick hot chocolate to finish off your memorable Mexican meal.

An agave lesson

Every Waldorf Astoria has a Peacock Alley bar, but Pedregal recently added local flair with its new Agave Study, an open-air lounge for agave tastings. Sit at a table by the sea to take a look at the cliffside water and visit the mezcals of Koch, a family-run brand based in Oaxaca.

While tequila still reigns as the world’s favorite agave liquor, mezcal is growing in popularity and appearing on more and more restaurant and bar menus. And a recent study predicts that the global mezcal market will grow by an average of 10.3% per year over the next decade.

Of course, the secular spirit is a watch in Mexico. Our agave tasting guide shared a well-known saying in the country: “For all that is bad, mezcal. For all that is good, mezcal.

During your tasting, you’ll learn how Koch’s artisan mezcal is made, including the more than 30 different agave plants it comes from; the “mezcal keepers” or producers behind the artisanal process; and how different regions have distinct traditions of how they create the spirit. And then you learn all about it in the best way with deep and smoky lava samples.

A celebrity chef hotspot

Plan your trip carefully for the chance to meet some of the world’s most eminent chefs and try their cuisine. The Waldorf Astoria hosts a monthly series of Culinary Weekends, when it invites top chefs to whip up a delicious food and drink-themed itinerary around the resort. Typically, these weekends consist of a welcome cocktail on the beach, plenty of chef-pampered experiences, and dinner at a private chef’s table. You can attend the full weekend or specific epicurean events.

Brian Malarkey, a Excellent chef alum who runs restaurants that include San Diego’s hot Herb & Wood, was the guest toque during our stay. We attended his dinner organized outdoors at Don Manuel’s. Given Malarkey’s mastery of seafood, we opted for the seafood options. We started with the fresh and bright Pacific blue shrimp aguachile with blood orange, Calabrian chili and mint, then we had the angry local lobster, which packed a punch of flavor with the chili, garlic, lemon, brown butter and gochujang aioli. Throughout the night, Malarkey visited each table to chat with diners.

Upcoming guest chefs include Michael Mina, who will showcase his famous Bourbon Steak steakhouse chops June 9-11, and Texas pitmaster Ronnie Killen, who will host a beach barbecue and other 4th of July festivities from July 1-5. .