The Ultimate Gardens of Amsterdam Travel Guide: Where to Stay, Where to Eat and What to See

This year, the city is bursting with gourmet delights, thanks in large part to the return of the Floriade Expo, an international horticultural exhibition that takes place every ten years, this time located in the neighboring city. of Almere. And while the kaleidoscopic fields of the Bollenstreek (the flowery region just south of the city) and the breathtaking tulip gardens of Keukenhof are undeniably at their best in spring, there is a case to be made for the city as a whole. destination year for horticulturists.

Today, Amsterdam continues to be one of the greenest cities in the world, in both senses of the word. Much of this has to do with the preferred mode of transport being the bicycle, of course, but also with the local government’s efforts to provide intensive recycling and its goal of becoming the first European city to go completely zero emissions by 2030. But with a new garde of restaurants offering inventive versions of farm-to-table and seasonal cuisine – many of which draw almost entirely from their own vegetable gardens – the city’s food scene has never been greener.

Here we round up all the best things to see, places to stay and destinations to eat for the ultimate immersive journey into Amsterdam’s rich floral culture.

What to do