The most searched destinations in the world

Miami, Florida is arguably the most popular travel city in the world, ranking first for Google searches related to flights, hotels and vacations in no less than eight countries around the world, including Argentina, Peru, Guatemala and Ecuador.

Bounce’s travel experts recently analyzed Google searches for flights, hotels and vacations over the past 12 months to reveal each country’s favorite destination. Behind Miami is Dubai, which was the most searched destination in seven countries, including Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Ireland. London and New York tied for third, winning five countries each.


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Although it does not surpass Miami in terms of the number of countries won, Las Vegas is by far the most popular city-break destination based on global searches, producing 9,688,600 worldwide for flights, hotels and holidays during the past year.

When it comes to the most popular countries in the world, the Maldives wins. The island destination won nine countries, including 925,500 searches in the United States.

The Mediterranean hotspot of Malta won four countries, including the UK and Germany, while New Zealand and Cyprus tied for third, each garnering the most searches in two countries. India and Singapore are also among the most searched countries based on Google search data, each producing over a million searches.

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