The Houston Texans have already played in Denver five times against the Broncos.

The Texans have already been to Denver five times. Seven, if you count pre-season games. In fact, the team spent several days here in August 2014 conducting joint practices with Peyton Manning and company.

The Broncos practice facility is in the suburbs and that’s where we stayed. It was certainly cooler than Houston and the backdrop of the Rockies made every view spectacular.

We even golfed one afternoon on a municipal course, but it might as well have been a PGA Tour stop with all the breathtaking views. Incredible scenery abounds everywhere you go in the greater Denver area.

I was told how many Colorado aficionados don’t really like downtown Denver. I do not know why. The town has plenty of great restaurants, it’s walkable, and the three main sports arenas are all accessible from downtown hotels.

Maybe because it’s not like some of the ski resorts that make the state so popular all year round. Confession time! – I’ve never skied in Colorado or anywhere other than the northeast, where I grew up. I was raised skiing on packed, very icy snow. I could disappear if I ventured into Colorado powder.

My experience is not in Vail or Aspen or Breckenridge. I’ve never been to the Rockies except for broadcasting. I’ve always found downtown Denver to be a great place with lots to do.

On a Monday night football trip in 2016 I played basketball at the downtown YMCA and it was one of those old classics with the elevated running track around a sport. I love this stuff.

Everyone will talk about the altitude during the trip. Lovie Smith plays it down. As a visitor who does not participate in the field, I can tell you that I still feel like I have a slight headache after several hours of access. But that’s just me. I have been told that all you need to do is stay hydrated to feel as close to normal as possible.

So basically if you’re heading here to watch the Texans, or anytime, drink lots of water and have a nice walk downtown. If you have time, head to the Rockies. It is a beautiful state. That’s why it seems like 25% of Houston come here for the summer.