The foreign destinations Mancs are most looking forward to now that travel restrictions have ended

Whether it’s the feeling of warm sand between your toes as you relax on a sunny beach or the excitement of exploring the streets of a foreign city, nothing beats a vacation abroad. It’s something most of us have missed during the pandemic, with many countries setting strict travel restrictions – and some enforcing comprehensive travel bans – making overseas travel difficult.

Sure, some holidaymakers took the leap and ventured further afield when countries started to open up after the first lockdown, but rules remained strict before vaccines were widely introduced in 2021. There were complicated and rapidly changing restrictions you had to navigate when planning a holiday, such as the traffic light system.

Now, finally, all travel restrictions have been lifted in the UK. As of March 18, fully vaccinated travelers no longer need to complete a passenger locator form upon arrival in the country.

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Testing requirements for unvaccinated travelers have also been removed, without these passengers needing to take a test before departure or a test on day 2 after arrival. The move has been welcomed by the travel industry, especially as the Easter holidays approach.

Playa de los Cristianos in Tenerife

Although different countries may still have entry requirements in place, the scrapping of all rules in the UK has given Britons more confidence to travel abroad again. And so, we asked readers on Facebook which destinations they were most looking forward to visiting.

With gorgeous beaches and a rich history, not to mention guaranteed sunshine, Turkey is one of the best places for Mancunians to consider visiting. Louise Ben Amor said: “We are going to Turkey this year and we can’t wait, happy we don’t have to do any tests.”

Lagoon Beach, Olu Deniz, Turkey
Lagoon Beach, Olu Deniz, Turkey

Several other readers hope to visit Turkey in the coming months. Meanwhile, the Canary Islands vacation hotspot remains a favorite. Lisa Topping is looking forward to her holidays, she said: “Tenerife can’t wait!!”.

Other destinations that people are eager to visit are Australia, the United States, Bulgaria and Japan. Australia only recently opened up to fully vaccinated travelers after enforcing some of the strictest measures in the world.

Not having to test and fill in forms when leaving and returning to the UK has been a relief for many Mancunians considering leaving. Kelly Jane Baker said: ‘In Egypt next week and looking forward, happy to hear that we won’t need to do any tests and forms. I think we only need one more to get into Egypt.

The pyramids of Giza, Egypt
The pyramids of Giza, Egypt

While the UK has completely dropped all of its travel rules, some travelers are wary of other countries’ rules. Joseph Rodgers said on Facebook: “It’s not the restrictions we put in place that are the problem, it’s what other countries have, ie.”

Liz Willow said: ‘You still need to know other countries’ entry rules, it’s barely back to normal has it. Steph Hillyard added: “Going nowhere, you always have to test to get to the destination you want.”

Another factor impacting Mancunian’s vacation plans is the cost of living crisis. Bills, inflation and fuel are all set to rise in April, meaning many won’t be able to afford to leave.

Karen Lesley Clowes said on Facebook: ‘Staying home can’t afford to leave as it all goes up. Gail Dyer also said, “With everything going up, I’m not going anywhere.”

Meanwhile, the travel industry has been rocked by mass layoffs of staff at P&O Ferries, while Manchester Airport has been blighted by long queues, putting holidaymakers off. Fatima Derbi said: “Just as Manchester Airport has massive queues with passengers missing flights as a result and all P&O Ferries staff being made redundant causing chaos. Not to mention the price of fuel… good luck to all.

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