The Fair Go guide to insurance in the new world of Covid travel

Overseas travel plans can be disrupted even before a traveler leaves the country – Fair Go explains what travelers need to cover Covid and which companies will offer it.

A growing number of insurers are now offering Covid cover as part of their insurance packages.

This may include:

  • Canceling a trip after testing positive for Covid and not being able to board a flight
  • Testing positive abroad and having to change flights and pay for additional meals and accommodation
  • Covid-related medical costs

AA Travel, Southern Cross, Tower, CoverMore and its partners Air New Zealand, AMI and State cover all three scenarios – although some only cover comprehensive plans.

1 Cover only covers medical costs and TINZ will not cover anything related to Covid.

Most insurers will require a person to be fully vaccinated, but others, such as Allianz Partners, will cover unvaccinated travellers, but only if not required by the airline they are traveling with or the country to which they are traveling. they enter.

No insurer is likely to pay out if a country is in lockdown or vacationing in a high-risk location.

The Department of Travel and Foreign Affairs website, SafeTravel, lists all the countries in the world and tells you which ones you can safely travel to and which ones are considered ‘do not travel’ areas.

Insurance Council chief executive Tim Grafton said that while people can expect to pay higher premiums for travel insurance due to the increased risk Covid poses, “it’s totally affordable “.

Grafton also points out that if someone ends up making a claim, they will have to show the results of a supervised test to prove they had Covid.

Insurance companies advise all customers to check the wording of a policy to fully understand how they can be protected.

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