The coolest instruments for traveling

If your pop likes to hang around a fire, whether he’s camping, relaxing at the beach, or entertaining loved ones in the backyard, he’ll likely appreciate a versatile, easily portable musical instrument or device. If you’re planning on traveling with your family this summer, you might want to consider bringing a guitar or ukulele, compact speaker or harmonica to add some joy to the adventure. Think how fun it would be to stay in a vacation rental or on Airbnb with a portable record player and all of your dad’s favorite albums. Keep reading to learn about the coolest travel music makers perfect for your dad this Father’s Day.

Victrola: Revolution GO Rechargeable Portable Record Player

If your dad has expressed the feeling that the warmth, richness and depth of music sounds better on a record, get him the Victrola Revolution GO rechargeable portable record player this Father’s Day. He can bring his favorite albums to the family lake house or vacation rental this summer and get poetic about the sweetness of the aural experience. Choose from two different colors. This modern three-speed belt-driven turntable features a built-in Bluetooth stereo speaker and a rechargeable lithium battery. There’s a removable guitar strap for easy transport and the removable cover doubles as a display stand for his favorite records so he can show off the album cover. ($150)

Reverb: Kala Surf Series Swell Concert Ukulele

In Northampton, Massachusetts, is Downtown Sounds, a worker-owned co-op with a brick-and-mortar store that sells instruments, offers a music school, and does repairs. The Kala Surf Series Swell Concert Ukulele, available on Reverb, the Chicago-based music gear marketplace, not only sounds great, but it’s also not bad looking either. Celebrating California’s colorful surf culture, this lightweight ukulele has retro-inspired surf designs and is simply fun to play and hold in your hands – your dad (and everyone in the family) will love it. ($80)

Reverb: Taylor GS Mahogany Mini Acoustic Guitar

Another fun travel find listed on Reverb is the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar. Whether your dad is new to music or a seasoned pro, he’ll appreciate this high-quality, portable guitar crafted with signature Taylor tone. Imagine your dad sitting on the cabin porch or lounging under a palm tree at the beach – no matter where he’s on vacation, he’ll love having this mobile acoustic beauty (it fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane) at its ratings. ($599)


This sleek and stylish, lightweight and portable Bluetooth speaker has it all. From customizable LED mood lights and long battery life to booming sound and dust and water resistance, SOUL’s S-STORM MAX has up to 15 hours of continue reading. Take this speaker to the pool, skate park, backyard barbecue, or beach. If you’re looking for the perfect wireless speaker for travel with simple features for your dad this Father’s Day, this is it. ($90)

Sweetwater: Hohner Rocket Amp Pro Harmonica

Whether it’s hiking or backpacking, car camping, or just wandering around the neighborhood with the dogs in tow, a good harmonica is a fun way to add some joy to the your father’s life. Like most instruments, the price varies greatly depending on the brand and style you select, but a great mid-range is Sweetwater’s Hohner Rocket Amp Pro, which comes as a diatonic set of five pieces in the keys of C, G, A, D and B flat. These harmonicas, built with a classic Hohner tone, are designed to work well with microphones. And, of course, there’s nothing more portable than a harmonica. ($240)