smarTours finds that demand for international travel is on the rise; Western European destinations lead the way despite war in Ukraine


A new survey from smarTours, a leading provider of affordable travel to premium destinations around the world, of 695 travelers found that Americans’ interest in international travel is growing. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of travelers surveyed plan to go abroad this year. Interest in travel to Western Europe was not significantly affected by the war in Ukraine. 47% of travelers surveyed feel safe when traveling in Western Europe. On the other hand, travelers do not feel safe traveling to Eastern Europe this year. Only 6% of travelers surveyed said they felt safe visiting this region.

“Travellers are ready to break out the euros,” says Christine Petersen, CEO of smarTours. “Travellers understand the geographical realities of the war in Ukraine and that doesn’t stop them from visiting Europe this summer. Travelers are eager to recapture the joy of traveling by visiting their favorite European destination or ticking a new destination off their to-do list.

The return of Covid-19 tests to return to the United States is the main reason why travelers are not going abroad this year. For those who have not traveled abroad this year, more than half (52%) said the fear of having to quarantine abroad is the main reason. Travelers are also still deeply confused about the guidelines for re-entry into the country. 74% of travelers said they understood the country’s entry guidelines moderately or not at all. Travelers have expressed irritation trying to figure out Covid-19 guidelines for travel. So much so that 30% of travelers surveyed found going to the dentist more enjoyable and 27% found jury duty more enjoyable.

Many travelers will be happy with the cancellation of the recent mask mandate. 53% of travelers surveyed said the easing of Covid-19 requirements had made them more willing to travel. Additionally, many travelers are indifferent to masks affecting their decision to travel. 26% of travelers surveyed said they were neutral about the decision to lift Covid-19 restrictions affecting their decision to travel.

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Methodology: Findings are based on a survey of hundreds of travelers from February 26, 2022 to March 6, 2022.

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