Singapore 48-Hour Travel Guide with Louis Vuitton

After two years where most of my travels were confined to the New South Wales coastline, it’s easy to forget all there is to do when you only have 48 hours on the ground. Jet lag? It simply does not exist. Long nights of sleep while on vacation? The route would never be. But let’s be honest, who really wants to take their time to mark their official return to international travel? Especially when the destination in question happens to be Singapore and the occasion is Louis Vuitton’s LV200 exhibition celebration.

To stay

There is no shortage of iconic hotels in the city of Singapore. From historic Raffles with its whitewashed facade and famous Singapore Slings, to the Ritz Carlton. But where I have the chance to rest my head is at Marina Bay Sands. The three-tower landmark with the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool is too luxurious to enjoy in just 48 hours, so I try to savor every moment. Aside from extremely lush finishes and an enviable view of Gardens By The Bay, the hotel’s breakfast buffet is unlike any other. And with a route overflowing on the maps, I decide to fill up!


Marking its first international milestone since its debut as a Louis Vuitton bicentenary celebration in Asinères, Paris last year, it’s clear the French certainly know how to throw a party. Landing at Changi Airport on Monday evening (with a much-needed and forgiving room service order to follow), the first stop on Tuesday’s itinerary was of course a stroll through the much-anticipated LV200 exhibit; located next to the Crystal Pavilion, otherwise known as Louis Vuitton Island’s flagship store on the Marina Bay Sands esplanade.

You might be wondering what could be a fitting way to celebrate the birthday of one of fashion’s most undisputed visionaries? By bringing together 200 of the world’s most famous contemporary visionaries to design their interpretation of the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk. But before we get to that, can we talk about that Lego birthday cake?

As soon as you enter the exhibition, you are greeted with a dynamic energy and dynamism that has always been synonymous with the Maison. A checkerboard floor is illuminated by black and white visuals and of course the centerpiece is a light up LED trunk that transforms to the beat. With each room taking on a different personality – from warehouse space to dreamy vistas – it’s impossible not to become completely immersed in the creations around you.

While it’s impossible to pick a favorite trunk, honorable mentions certainly go to our Australian representatives, who include Aussie surfer and artist Ozzy Wright and florist Wayne Stubbs.

Then it’s time to visit The Island store – sadly just looking and not touching – before a quick (but undoubtedly indulgent) lobster roll before heading to the Old Command House to check out the latest collection of Nomadic Objects.

To take

The key to a smooth trip is always having the best carry-on luggage. Whether you like suitcases or gym bags, the logistical chaos that can unfold when you’re not able to get your toiletry bag out in time is too much for me to handle. I found a new travel companion in the July Carry On and we are now united at the hip. Perfect for the wardrobe full of accessories that I certainly didn’t need and the book that I brought with ambition knowing that all my free time would be spent answering emails. At least I know she has potential!

The humidity was in full swing, and my suitcase consisted mostly of loose, flowing silhouettes like these Dion Lee pleated pants I’ll just never take off and my new favorite fringed crepe halterneck midi dress from Vix. My trusty Louis Vuitton Grenelle in tow (I’ll never get over the orange suede interior) and a rotation of good sunglasses to fight glare (The Stevie from Luv Lou in black and gold are a favorite), and the rest come together after a Singapore Sling or two.

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