Short break from Eid boon for domestic tourism in Oman

Muscat – The short Eid al Adha holiday advertised may have disappointed many people and ruined their plans, but it bodes well for domestic tourism.

Many expected a nine-day break, like Eid al Fitr, and booked tickets for a vacation abroad. But with only three days officially announced, people are now planning to explore the country, without burning their pockets.

Bank employee Ahmed al Touqi intended to visit Turkey during Eid al Adha. “I was in Iran last Eid. It was quite an experience on a long break. But like India, exploring a big and diverse country like Turkey in a short time is not possible.

So Touqi decided to cancel the trip. “At first I was pissed off. But when I look back, I realize that spending so much money for just three days isn’t worth it.

He has now decided to visit Salalah, where he has distant relatives. He looks forward to spending time with them.

Indian expat Aakash Kumar was planning to fly to Mumbai but a round trip would cost him almost RO500. “It made no sense for just three days. I haven’t seen Mumbai during the monsoons for many years, but that will be made up for by a visit to Salalah with my friends.”

Kumar will take a bus and “there will be no delays, stress, queues, paperwork or a lot of packing”. He is convinced that it will be more relaxing than traveling abroad for a short break.

Many more are looking forward to vacationing in the city. Stays, barbecues on the beach, long car journeys and meetings make up their plans for this Eid al Adha.

Pakistani expat Sajid Alam was also initially discouraged by news of the short Eid holiday, but found that was enough to relax. “I work as a salesman, which is quite stressful. I don’t have to think about work for a few days; it will help me relax.