Rosarito, Mexico has it all including beaches, food and relaxation

In Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, considerable economic development was sparked in the early 1990s by the construction of numerous hotels and shopping malls.

If what you are looking for is a little paradise on earth, then Rosarito is the place for you. Here you will find the best beaches, seafood to enjoy and plenty of attractions to do and enjoy.


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His artistic transcendence characterizes Rosarito. When small ranches first inhabited the town, it became one of Mexico’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

After the fall of the great Tenochtitlán, the conquistador Hernán Cortés heard the legend that there was a peninsula or an island northwest of the territory of what we now call Mexico. Cortes sent three expeditions to search for the island of California. However, it was discovered that it was not an island, but a peninsula, which led to the discovery of the California coast.

Much of Rosarito’s history will be based on the church, with its respective evangelization of the region’s indigenous communities.

In the 20th century, Rosarito began its transformation into a tourist destination par excellence. However, all was not rosy since, in 1937, gambling and betting were prohibited in Mexico. This meant closing the Agua Caliente casino in Tijuana, the Riviera hotel in Ensenada, and the Rosarito hotel completely eliminating its casino.

This continued Rosarito, as the following years saw the construction of more hotels, condominiums, restaurants and more, as well as the emergence of several resorts along the coast.

In the early 1990s, considerable economic development was triggered by the construction and completion of many hotels and shopping malls.

In Rosarito you will find maximum relaxation with a good atmosphere and excellent gastronomy.

The best beaches in Rosarito

Now that you have decided to visit this beautiful destination in Baja California, there is nothing better to enjoy than seeing the best beaches. You will find relaxation to the maximum with a good atmosphere and excellent gastronomy. Here are the best beaches:


-The mission


-Buena Vista

—Puerto Nuevo

—Popotla Beach

You will find this place if you head south from Rosarito. This beach is known to have been the filming location of the famous film Titanic by director James Cameron. This led to the opening of a theme park at the Baja Studios Films facility.

Before enjoying the beach, take the opportunity to observe the rooms used during the filming of this film.

This beautiful beach stands out for offering a gastronomy worthy of all palates, such as crabs, clams, oysters, seafood and many others, do not hesitate to visit and know the small craft shops that you will love.

The mission

If your thing is more relaxed, this place is the right place to enjoy the beautiful scenery without having to swim, as this beach is distinguished by a solid swell, so visitors who come to these waters choose to play sports like football and volleyball. .

The best thing is that in this place you will find palapas, bathrooms with showers, parking and toilets.


Located in Descanso Bay, it is a favorite spot for all adventurers who like to ride in all-terrain vehicles. This is due to the presence of large amounts of dunes. In addition, this beach has a large number of campsites for trailers.

buena vista

This is another beach with a strong swell, making swimming a bit dangerous. However, you can still visit it, as this natural landscape is perfect for a relaxing walk to contemplate a magnificent sunset.

Puerto Nuevo

Puerto Nuevo beach is perfect for surfers since the waves here are perfect for surfing. In addition, this destination is characterized by a fishing community, where lobster is its specialty.

Ride a horse

In specific points of Rosarito it is possible to go horseback riding on the most beautiful beaches of the place and enjoy moments of relaxation as a couple, with family or with friends. Consider that prices and times may be different depending on who you request the service from.

El Valle de Guadalupe, in Ensenada has turned into an ideal scenario for bodas, aunque Rosarito y Tecate también ofrecen una variada offered.  (Photo by @thetimeswehave)
Baja Glamping is a concept that tries to bring you closer to the outdoors and is a must for weddings.

Cultural and craft corridor

A few minutes from Rosarito you will find this exciting corridor where the vast community of artists and artisans of the region is concentrated. Do not hesitate to buy souvenirs, pieces with unique decorations, products in wood, ironwork, marble, glass and everything you can imagine.


This activity is one of the most popular trends, so we recommend that you keep this exciting experience in the El Coronel, El Descanso and Parque Lineal Metropolitano trails. These routes are approved hiking trails, that is to say they have marked the path to follow.

Each route you choose will give you an incredible view with an otherworldly visual spectacle.


This municipality is useful if you are looking to get away from the beaches, with more than 22 hotels with at least 1,600 rooms available for all tourists looking to relax in the best way.

Baja Glamping is a concept that attempts to bring you closer to the outdoors and the comforts of a tent-style hotel for up to four people.

Rosarito is undoubtedly the ideal place to practice outdoor activities and enjoy nature and its benefits.