Online application introduced for foreign tourists in Bandarban

The local government has introduced an online application aimed at facilitating the travel permit process for foreign tourists in Bandarban district.

Now, the tour guide no longer needs to submit an application after physically showing up to travel to Bandarban, Deputy Commissioner Yeasmin Parvin Tibriji said.

Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs Minister Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing inaugurated online software at the DC office on Sunday, UNB reports.

Foreign tourists, who wish to visit Bandarban, can apply on the web-based software through their tourist guide and will receive their travel permit within five days, Yeasmin Parvin said.

Before obtaining permission from theThe local administration, foreign tourists’ application will be sent to the special branch for police verification, she said.

“Previously, tour guides had to physically appear before the local administration to get clearance for any foreign tourists, which is such a long process and sometimes they are harassed. But thanks to the newly introduced software, the visitor can know everything through tracking,” she added.

Visitors can easily find out why their application is canceled through the app, Yeasmin said.