Official James Bond Travel tours to Europe arrive in March 2023

Are you a mega-fan of all things 007? Are you so barmy for Bond that you’d book an entire trip to one of the glamorous locations featured in the movies? So pay attention: the official James Bond franchise will soon start offering themed tours of Europe, featuring many of the films’ most famous locations.

Working with luxury travel company Black Tomato, a series of vacation packages have been created with the help of the films’ directors, to create a Bond-tastic trip.

The company is called ‘The Assignment: Europe’ and its launch coincides with 60 years of Bond films. The itinerary has yet to be fully announced, but so far the tour has confirmed experiences such as waterskiing on Lake Como and VIP access to Monaco’s Monte Carlo Casino, as well as stops in London, Paris and Venice.

Movies have visited some spectacular locations over the years. From Jamaica and Cuba to Iceland and Hong Kong, Bond has certainly ticked off (and blown up) just about every destination of your choice.

In other words, expect this journey to be as dazzling and glamorous as any Bond movie, but with far fewer deaths. More information and tickets will be available in March 2023, but you can register and find out more here. In the meantime, do the next best thing and dive into our no time to die travel Guide.

Did you know that the island of no time to die is just 300 miles off the Scottish coast?

The plus: the British James Bond studios are open to the public.