Oahu, Hawaii: A Complete Travel Guide

I feel so lucky to have grown up on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. I love my hometown so much, it’s also where I chose to live as an adult.

Being able to enjoy the natural wonders of the islands on a daily basis while being surrounded by a vibrant culture so connected to the land and the ocean has shaped me as a person. You’re more likely to find me surfing in the morning, working at a cafe in Kakaako’s warehouse district during the day, and dining with friends at a new restaurant in Chinatown in the evening.

It’s a relaxed lifestyle that travelers also gravitate toward, living up to the island’s nickname “The Gathering Place.” First-time visitors to Hawaii, in particular, will love Oahu for its mix of urban activity and natural beauty, as well as plenty of opportunities to immerse themselves in the island’s deep history and culture, which , in my opinion, is essential for visitors.

Even as a full-time resident, I rarely find myself without something to do on Oahu, especially since it’s Hawaii’s most developed island, with new restaurants and bars opening frequently.

Here’s how to plan a great trip to Oahu, whether you’re here to surf, hike, explore the cities, or do nothing at all on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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