North Carolina is one of the most affordable vacation destinations

According to a new study, your average North Carolina vacation costs just $143 per night. I’m not sure where this trip was, but my hotel last weekend was almost 3 times higher. But as Memorial Day weekend approaches and school wraps up for the summer, parents scramble to plan a family vacation. But this year, despite the lessening of Covid restrictions and concerns, there is a new hurdle to consider. Inflation, including high gas prices and unaffordable housing. Is there even such a thing as affordable vacation destinations these days?

Wealthcare Financial analyzed Google trends and discovered that searches for “summer vacation” and similar phrases have increased over the past few days. Not only that, but searches like “discounted travel deals” are also on the rise. In fact, they increased by 60% in just 24 hours. Based on this information, the managing partners of Wealthcare Financial have put together a “Summer Vacation 2022 Financial Report” that offers ideas on where travelers should go this summer for an affordable vacation. And two of the best affordable destinations are nearby and some of my favorite places to visit!

Notable findings:

  • The average hotel room in the US costs $106 per night
  • Average price of a meal: $20
  • Highest Meal Price: Maine $43
  • Lowest meal price: Montana $10
  • Average gas price per gallon: $4.30
  • Lowest gas price per gallon: Georgia $3.95
  • Highest gas price per gallon: California $5.85

North Carolina ranked in the lowest of a category, making it one of the most affordable vacation destinations. Which? Keep reading to find out.

The data was analyzed and collected by Wealthcare Financial using the following sources: