No US passport? No problem! Your ID can still take you far

The United States is quite a large country, so it’s okay to overlook everything available to its citizens, including travel options. Apps like Instagram constantly tease us with beautiful places around the world just waiting for us to visit, but in our current circumstances getting a passport can still be a hassle you might not have. don’t want to cross right now. And that’s it! What if we told you that there are exotic islands and destinations to explore off the mainland that don’t require a US passport to enter? Would you like to book your trip then?

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Luckily for you, it is! In fact, there are an abundance of places one can drive through that are outside the norm and out of the country. This includes a ton of islands that are considered US territory, so you don’t need a passport to travel. And we’re not talking about boring places, but about islands and stages full of flavor, culture, sun and slopes so attractive that you don’t have to wait any longer to miss them. There are destinations outside the US territory that you can also visit on closed-loop cruises – this is a cruise that departs and ends in the same US port but stops in different countries for day trips .

Whether you’re visiting the British Columbia region of Canada on the Nexxus Certified Program or booking that trip to Hawaii, your travel dreams aren’t that far from reality. With just a little preparation and research, you can realize your vision without a passport. Below is a list of destinations to travel to without passport restrictions today!

Porto Rico

Probably the most popular island in the US territory, Puerto Rico is a dreamy place full of Latin flavors. From the wide variety of fusion foods that are not just Hispanic but Asian, Italian and more, to the waterfalls and trails that overlook the city, PR is a must-stop that you can visit by plane or cruise without passport.

US Virgin Islands

Since 1917, the U.S. Virgin Islands has been a territory of the United States consisting of the Caribbean islands of St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas, with 50 other smaller islets, cays, and islands forming part of the archipelago. Since this is the territory, you can access any of these islands by flight or cruise without passport problems. Dubbed “America’s Paradise,” enjoy a vacation or even a life full of activities in the sun and seascape with a near-perfect beach climate year-round.

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If you didn’t know it’s possible to travel to Canada without a passport, consider this your notification. Nexus is an expedited border control program, created in 2009 as part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. Through a series of screening processes, travelers are granted entry to the United States and Canada via Nexus, which can replace a passport. Enjoy visiting dynamic destinations like British Columbia, Quebec and Toronto without a passport today.

Northern Mariana Islands

Known as America’s best kept secret, the Northern Mariana Islands are collectively an American Commonwealth made up of 14 individual islands, none of which require a US passport for travel. Nestled in the far west, the Northern Mariana Islands are only about 3 hours from Japan, just above the equator. Established as an American Commonwealth in 1978, you can not only travel to these islands without a passport, but you can also live there without a passport or visa!

Closed circuit cruises with stops in the Caribbean and Mexico

When looking for an all-inclusive vacation, cruising may be your best bet, and closed-loop cruises are the best on the market. A closed-loop cruise is a cruise that departs and ends in the same US port but stops in different countries one day at a time. If you book a week-long cruise, it’s possible to have three different days at sea, with stops at different Caribbean islands in between, each taking up a day. When you stop on the islands during the cruise, you are allowed to leave the ship and spend a day on the island, doing whatever you want. US passports are not required to participate in a closed-loop cruise as long as you bring other documents such as your birth certificate, USID or US driver’s license. Closed-loop cruises have stopped in non-US territories such as Bermuda, Belize, Curacao, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Grand Turks and Mexico.

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You may think Hawaii is the ultimate Pacific Island vacation destination, but remember: Hawaii is a true US state as well as the only state outside of mainland North America. Therefore, no US passport is required to visit any of the islets that make up the stunning seascape.


Although it is adjacent to Canada, Alaska is a state in the United States of America, located at the northwest end of the country. Therefore, you can travel to Alaska without a passport, but you can also cross Canada into Alaska using the Nexus program at the Canadian border and your US citizenship ID cards at the Alaska border.

Noel Cymone Walker

Noel Cymone Walker

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