Must have apps to plan your trip this festive season

With the upcoming festive season and backpacking tourism, India is not lagging behind in the technological framework to give you the best hassle-free trip. The more prepared you are for a trip, the better!

We’ve listed 5 of these must-have apps here that will not only make your trip easier, but also provide valuable offers and services that you won’t regret using.

1. CHARGE – When you go to another city and rent a vehicle, an electric vehicle in particular, the charging stations must be close at hand. If you are planning to go to Bangalore, ChargeEZ, an EV destination charging platform, has charging stations present throughout the city and you can also find similar stations in other cities.

2. EaseMyTrip – India’s second largest OTA, EaseMyTrip allows its users to easily make all kinds of bookings in one platform, from buses to hotels to charters. Although they are known for their airline ticketing services, the other offers like travel guide, flight + hotel booking, corporate bookings and exclusive offers can surely make your trip hassle-free and economical.

3. Medulance – We never know when we might need medical assistance and especially when we are traveling. Skipping the medical facilities and points of a new place, Medulance is the app that you can use 24/7 for the same, avoiding any hassle and ensuring a safe journey.

4. TripLingo – Not only does this platform provide translation services, but you may also find yourself using TripLingo’s wifi dialer services and cultural guide. Moreover, they also offer language learning tools.

5. Incredible India – When traveling in India, this app makes it much easier to know important facts and information about the cities you are in, making it ideal for both international and domestic travelers.