Mexico City sees tourism boosted by Formula 1 Grand Prix

The last weekend of October has become one of the most important seasons for tourist arrivals in Mexico City due to the Mexico City Formula 1 Grand Prix, an event that attracts many national and international fans.

According to figures from the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico, thanks to this sporting event, the capital will receive 227,000 tourists, including approximately 50,000 foreigners, which means a hotel occupancy of more than 70%.


On the other hand, Despegar, a leading travel agency in Latin America, conducted a study in which it found that the demand for accommodation in Mexico City increased by 50% for the weekend of the Formula 1 Grand Prix by compared to a normal weekend.

“The Grand Prix is ​​the pretext for many national and international travelers to visit or rediscover Mexico City, a multicultural destination steeped in history and tradition, which demonstrates the warmth and animosity of the event itself, as the public Mexican is one of the most daring and committed to their passion, which becomes a complete experience for tourists who come to attend this world-class event,” said Alejandro Calligaris, National Director of Despegar Mexico.

Meanwhile, the Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana (Coparmex), an institution that brings together leaders from Mexico’s business sector, ensures that tourist events like this, as well as Monday Night Football matches of the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) games in 2023, help increase the value of the Mexican brand, currently valued at $771 billion, which is the leader in Latin America.

It should be mentioned that the Mexican Grand Prix is ​​of great interest to travelers thanks to Checo Pérez, a Mexican driver who achieved a remarkable performance in the drivers’ world championship, positioning himself as the best in Latin America.