Meet the adventurous couple behind ‘Traveling While Black’

When Anthony and Marlie Love moved to Seattle in 2019, many friends and families from out of state came to visit that summer. But as summer drew to a close and their flow of visitors slowed, they realized they wanted to keep exploring their new home.

This is how Traveling While Black was born.

Inspired by The Green Book, a travel guide for black tourists from the 1930s through the 1960s, TWB provides recommendations and resources for black people traveling in the Pacific Northwest. In each episode, Anthony and Marlie document their journeys to a new place and rate it in three categories: the journey (from Seattle), the level of enjoyment, and their comfort as black people visiting for the first time.

With over 100 episodes on their YouTube channel, Anthony and Marlie explore known, lesser known, urban, rural and outdoor locations across the PNW.

Anthony notes, “We want to go to those places where…often there aren’t a lot of black faces.” He says they like to build bridges when traveling in the area.

Originally aimed at black transplants moving to the Seattle area, Anthony and Marlie find their audience has grown, including people who have lived in PNW for years and members of the LGBTQ+ community. While the focus remains on black travellers, Anthony stresses that their show is for “anyone with an interest in travel.”

Each episode follows a travel experience from start to finish, though they sometimes film a series of episodes around a theme, like great beaches to visit in the summer. An interactive map on their website shows where they’ve been with a brief description of their experience.

TWB is truly a passion project for Anthony and Marlie. Their goal is for their viewers to go out and enjoy this place they now call home. (Marlie notes that she is “obsessed with Seattle!”). And though they remain rooted in Seattle and the PNW, Anthony and Marlie branch out to document their travels across the United States and abroad. They will continue to share general travel tips, as well as their experiences as black people exploring new experiences and places.

Head over to their YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook page to follow Anthony and Marlie as they live and document their journeys. (And don’t be shy about making travel suggestions — they love connecting with viewers!)