Las Vegas continues to add to its sports tourism portfolio

The city of Las Vegas continues to solidify its reputation as the world’s best sports travel destination with another high-profile event.

In what is being called a “watershed moment,” Las Vegas will turn part of the famous Las Vegas Strip into a nighttime racing course next year to host a Formula 1 championship car race.


It will become the third American city to host a Formula 1 event, along with Austin and Miami. The race will be covered in prime time on a Saturday night in November 2023, according to ESPN. The nearly four-mile route will pass some of the most iconic parts of Las Vegas, including Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino and the Bellagio Fountains.

With most American racing fans focusing their attention on NASCAR — and Vegas already hosts one of those events, too — America’s interest in open-wheel racing, or Formula 1, has surged. arrow due to the popular Netflix streaming series “Drive to Survive”.

“It’s an incredible moment for Formula 1 which demonstrates the enormous appeal and growth of our sport with a third race in the United States,” F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said in a statement. “Las Vegas is a destination known the world over for its excitement, hospitality, thrills and, of course, the famous Strip. There’s no better place to race Formula 1 than in the racing capital of the world. entertainment and we look forward to being here next year.”

Las Vegas, long known as America’s playground, is quickly becoming America’s sports playground. The city has always been the capital of huge world championship boxing matches and was a gathering destination for punters looking to place legal bets on the NCAA basketball tournament. But once he moved past the stigma and fear of legalized professional gambling and lured a popular National Hockey League expansion franchise – the Golden Knights – in 2017, all bets were off, forgive the game of words.

Not only did Las Vegas prompt the Oakland Raiders to move to the city three years later, but they are also trying to get a Major League Baseball franchise as well as a National Basketball Association team.

Hosting an annual Formula 1 race attracts an upscale European audience who would love any reason to head to Las Vegas for a race weekend.