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The forum informed that works on various access roads to tourist destinations in Hazara will be
completed at the cumulative cost of Rs 4.6b.

Peshawar – Construction works are underway at an estimated cost of Rs 13 billion on various access roads to ensure access to tourist destinations in the province.

Similarly, under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Integrated Tourism Development (KITE) project, two major projects including Mankyal to Bada Sehri road and Thandiani road were also underway and would be implemented at an estimated cost of 4631 million rupees and 3182 million rupees respectively.

This was said during a tourism department progress review meeting held here under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan. CM Special Assistant, Lawyer Muhammad Ali Saif, MPA Mian Sharaft Ali, CM Principal Secretary, relevant administrative secretaries and other relevant officials attended the meeting.

Briefed on the details of tourist road projects under the annual development plan, the forum was informed that works on various access roads to tourist destinations in Hazara Division were underway and would be completed at a cumulative cost of 4 .6 billion rupees.

Significant projects include 15 km long Manoor Valley Mansehra Road, 10 km long Shugran Mansehra Road, Ghanol Paprang Mansehra Road, Mandi Mali Mansehra Road and 12 km Nawazabad to Mandi Road Mansehra.

Similarly, works on 11 different access road projects in Malakand Division were also underway and would be completed at an estimated cost of Rs 4.8 billion cumulative. Important projects include 78 km long Marghuzar to Elum road, 6 km Madian-Bishigram road, Areen Daral road, Bela Bishigram road, Chail-Bishigram road, Fazal Banda to Jarogo road and Kafir road Banda Shangla.

The forum was further informed that the construction of an access road to the Sheikh Badin tourist site was underway. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 3 billion. While briefing on the projects of Kite project, it was informed that the bid evaluation report for the 20 km road from Mankyal to Bada Sehri and the 24 km road from Thandiani has been submitted to the relevant forum, adding that the contract for these projects would be awarded this month after the approval of the bid evaluation report.

Similarly, under the Kite project, 4 integrated tourist areas are being established in the province, including Thandiani (Abbottabad), Mankyal (Swat), Ghanol (Mansehra) and Madakalasht (Chitral). The final draft of the management plan and the investment plan for these projects has also been submitted to the competent forum for approval. It was further informed during the meeting that the Tourism Facilitation Center has been established; adding that for the first time a 24/7 helpline (1422) has been provided and fully operational since March 2021.

In addition, it was reported that 150 prefabricated laundry rooms are being installed in the various tourist areas of the province, of which the installation of 35 units has been completed so far. Similarly, as part of the project to extend the support of Secours 1122 to tourist sites, 2 ambulances and a fire-fighting vehicle were provided to each tourist center.

The Chief Minister, on this occasion, qualified the promotion of tourism as an integral part of the priorities of his government, and ordered the authorities concerned to accelerate the pace of work on all feasible projects of access roads to tourist sites. .

He further requested them to operationalize the special development authorities as soon as possible, adding that necessary funds and human resources for this purpose should be provided as a matter of priority in order to achieve the goal. He also ordered the neighborhoods concerned to ensure safety measures in boats navigating on rivers and dams and to impose a ban on navigating without life jackets.