Know the best Sin City tips and tricks

Las Vegas is the gambling capital and vice-capital of the United States (although the largest casino is actually in the unlikely state of Oklahoma). There’s plenty to see and do in this city (and plenty to know about visiting beforehand). Las Vegas is nicknamed “Sin City” for good reason and its slogan “What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas” epitomizes what Vegas is (or at least how it markets itself).

Vegas is also one of those destinations that can be very affordable – and even family-friendly – or as expensive as you can imagine. It all depends on what visitors want to do, what their expectations are when they go there and how well they plan.


What to know when visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be a family destination, but that’s not its main focus. Vegas is a top destination for bachelorette parties and for the ultimate nightlife and vice. There are many adult advertisements that parents may not want their children to see.

Vegas gets expensive if you visit at the wrong time, but is affordable during the week (especially off-season).

Vegas isn’t just about Vegas and the Strip. Vegas also means visiting the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and the Mojave Desert.

That being said, the main attractions are gambling, shows, nightlife and adult attractions.

Best time to visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in a hot desert, and therefore during the summer it can be scorching hot, although it can be visited throughout the year.

The best time to visit Vegas is before and after the sweltering summer heat – March through May and September through November.

  • Best time to visit: March to May & September to November
  • Busiest times: Around New Years, Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day

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Going in the shoulder seasons of the year, visitors enjoy some of the most moderate weather. The winter months are also a great time to visit the climate, but it also receives large influxes of visitors (especially around New Years, Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day).

Summer doesn’t have to be off the books either; visitors are simply likely to spend more time at their casino hotels and pools and less time on desert excursions.

Best Ways to Get Around Sin City

As in all American cities (except maybe New York), the best way to get around the city is by car. However, parking can be an issue on the Strip.

The main hotels offer shuttle services – they can be paid or free.

If you’re planning on staying a few days on the strip and heading to Sin City, it might not be worth renting a car.

Vegas also offers plenty of public transit options for getting around. It has a monorail, streetcars (they are free in Las Vegas) and a bus transportation network.

Monorail fees:

  • A trip : $5
  • 1 day pass: $13

Without a car, carpooling is perhaps the most convenient way to get around; Uber and Lyft work great, and often the cost of a trip will only be around $10.00.

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Where to stay on the Strip

The Strip is packed with some of the most famous casinos in the world, like The Venetian Las Vegas, The Palazzo at the Venetian, Caesars Palace, Bellagio Hotel, MGM Grand, Resorts World, Paris Las Vegas and many more. These are all on – or near – the famous Strip.

Staying on the Strip means people can enjoy being right in the heart of Vegas’ neon-lit attractions. Many things are also within walking distance, so visitors don’t have to worry about taxis or public transportation.

All of these casinos are great options with great deals. Some hotels offer up to 30% off for longer stays when booking three nights or more.

There are plenty of excellent accommodation options off the Strip in quieter locations in Las Vegas.

A great option is the Las Vegas Pool and Lazy River Resort (part of the beautiful Tahiti Village) – it’s probably worth booking just for its lazy river.

Where to eat in Las Vegas

Vegas has just about every type of restaurant and dining option one can think of – there are far too many great dining options to list in detail here.

Perhaps the most unusual (and scariest) place to eat is the Heart Attack Grill, which is not recommended for dieters.

According to TripAdvisor, the best places to eat in Las Vegas are:

  • Primal Steakhouse
  • Edge Steakhouse
  • Italian fresco
  • Benihana
  • Mr. Mamas
  • Weera Thai Restaurant
  • omelet house
  • Esther’s kitchen
  • Italian American Club
  • Arawan Thai Bistro and dessert

Vegas is also full of great places to grab an adult drink.

Top Las Vegas Attractions

Vegas is full of attractions; it has some of the best shopping destinations in the world, many of the world’s most famous casinos, countless desert tours around Vegas, and neon lights galore.

But Vegas must-dos include the Vegas Shows and a day trip to the Grand Canyon.

Top attractions in and around Vegas:

  • The band: Walk the Strip at night (but be aware of surroundings) – adults only
  • Helicopter flights over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon: Great day trip option
  • The High Roller Observation Wheel: One of the biggest wheels in the world
  • The mob museum: Learn about the history of crime in the United States

Additionally, many casinos have their own iconic attractions. The Venetian Hotel has its gondola rides, the Parisian Hotel has a reconstruction of the Eiffel Tower, and the Bellagio Resort has the Fountain Show (free to watch).

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Costs to know in Las Vegas

Vegas is almost unique in that some accommodations can be affordable (or even cheap). Great rooms at some massive casino hotels can be found for $50.00 or less per night for two.

To take advantage of great deals, check the hotel’s websites for upcoming deals (as well as various Vegas-dedicated websites).

Casinos can offer rooms at great rates as they plan to make more money from their in-house casinos, restaurants, and shopping malls.

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One of the main things to plan is to try and visit Vegas mid-week. Vegas is a very popular weekend destination for Americans, so prices skyrocket on weekends.

If possible, plan to visit Las Vegas between Tuesday and Thursday.

Tips for Visiting Vegas

The best thing you can do in Las Vegas is to plan ahead and research the best hotel deals.

But there are also exceptions to plan ahead. If one is traveling with an eye on the budget and is happy to be flexible about which show to watch, then book show tickets at the last minute.

  • Car rental: Do not bother
  • To download: Lyft and Uber
  • Stay hydrated: He gets Great hot in Las Vegas; to drink a lot of water!

Vegas is a city that never sleeps, with some of its businesses not closing at night. Learn more about current events and offers on the dedicated Las Vegas tourism website.


Q: How much does a visit to Las Vegas cost?

The cost of a trip to Las Vegas depends on many factors. It depends on when you go (some seasons are much more expensive as well as weekends). Gambling is also an important variable for people visiting Las Vegas.

As an indication, plan to spend around $2,700 a week for a couple or $1,500 for a single traveler. Hotels range from around $30 per night to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Q: How long should a trip to Las Vegas last?

How much time a beginner needs to visit Las Vegas really depends on the person and what they want to get out of their trip to Sin City.

A single night is enough to walk the Strip, visit a few casinos, catch a show, and maybe play a little on the side.

It’s very common to spend a long weekend there, but it’s best to spend about five days there – that’s enough time for several shows, day tours of the Grand Canyon and to get a idea of ​​the city much more.

Q: What is the best month to travel to Las Vegas?

The best months to visit Las Vegas are the most affordable shoulder seasons – March, April, October and November (summer is very hot).

But really, the “best” month really depends on what the “best” means to each person (some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it…).

For most people, spring and fall are perhaps the best months to visit.