Iranian parliament leader’s family’s ‘lavish trip’ to Turkey sparks controversy

Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf’s wife, daughter and son-in-law were filmed as they boarded a plane from Istanbul to Tehran, with reports claiming they had run into problems with staff members of the theft due to an unusually large amount of luggage they were carrying.

The luggage would consist of accessories for a newborn.

The news sparked outcry from both the public and political activists, who pointed to a contrast between the Qalibaf family’s lavish spending in Turkey and the parliament speaker’s criticism of such behavior by former country officials.

Many have in particular recalled Qalibaf’s statements during a presidential election campaign, where he criticized the imports of children’s clothing by a former education minister from Italy.

Reacting to the hype directed at his father, Qalibaf’s son took to Instagram to defend the parliament leader. Elyas Qalibaf tried to keep his father away from the trip taken by his family members.

He said what his family did had nothing to do with his father and that some allegations made against him in the past appeared to be true. He apologized to the nation for the “unforgivable mistake”.

He, however, dismissed claims that Qalibaf’s family members had traveled to Turkey to buy baby clothes, saying the information contained misinformation and exaggeration.