Iconic Luxury Hotels unveils a personalized 10-day road trip across the UK – Robb Report

Road tripping doesn’t exactly equate to luxury, but a few companies are trying to change that. On the wheels of Bentley’s five-day British road trip, Iconic Luxury Hotels has partnered with Luxury Vacations UK to create a new getaway for discerning travellers.

The bespoke itinerary, known simply as the Iconic Road Trip, showcases the best the UK has to offer in terms of natural beauty and top-notch hospitality.

“We wanted to curate a very thoughtful adventure that allows our guests to explore and experience the best of the English countryside, with a few surprises to delight them along the way,” said Andrew Stembridge, Executive Director of Iconic Luxury Hotels. . Robb Report by email.

Mayfair Townhouse.

Iconic luxury hotels

The 10-day guided trip appropriately kicks off in London. While in the capital, you’ll visit famous sites such as Westminster, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Windsor Castle, to name but a few. You’ll also have the opportunity to spend the night at some of the company’s chic London stalwarts, including Mayfair Townhouse and 11 Cadogan Gardens.

11 Cadogan Gardens

11 Cadogan Gardens.

Iconic luxury hotels

“While each iconic luxury hotel is unique and offers a remarkable bespoke experience for guests, they are linked by their connection to moments in history and places ranging from London to the Cotswolds and beyond, making them a very exciting road trip,” added Stembridge.




Next, you’ll head to the sparkling wine region of Sussex for a drink (or two) at Winston Estate Winery, before taking a scenic drive through the New Forest National Park. More greenery will be discovered during the second part of the road trip, which includes stops at several UNESCO World Heritage sites. Highlights include the breathtaking geological mecca that is the Jurassic Coast and Salisbury Cathedral, which happens to be the tallest medieval church in the world.

windsor castle

Windsor Castle.


During the trip, you will have the opportunity to visit the historic spa town of Bath and pass through England’s oldest university town, Oxford. Other highlights include a private boat cruise on the River Thames and a rejuvenating stay at the lavish Cliveden House (the hotel Meghan Markle stayed in the night before her wedding.) Not to mention, you’ll also have the chance to explore the ancient castles of Wales.

Cliveden House

Cliveden House.

Adrian Houston/Iconic Luxury Hotels

Plus, you can fully customize the road trip to your liking. Think visits to your favorite British distilleries or Michelin-starred restaurants, for example.

Iconic road trip, indeed.

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