How to Vacation Solo

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Tired of being home as long as possible, but not sure if you’re brave enough to try a solo vacation? Here are some tips and tricks to motivate you to travel on your own.

Planning and budgeting

First, know your budget and plan ahead. Once you’ve done that, decide on your destination and don’t forget to take out travel insurance because you never know what might happen during your trip.

Decide what to pack, not all of us are meant to travel light, as some people like to pack extra items that bring an element of comfort or luxury to their trip. So if you can’t travel light, travel smart.

Traveling alone for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially if you’re introverted. Learn to strike up a random conversation, as it is often life changing and can provide in-depth knowledge of the city you are in that no guidebook or travel book can offer you.

Be flexible

It’s important to be fluid in your plans and not too rigid, make an overall destination guide but be prepared to pilot it and change things up based on variables such as weather, bookings, flight delays, etc Also, it’s important not to try to cram in too much since you’re on your own and it might not be that easy to get around a foreign city quickly.

Go locally

Visit the local farmer’s market and learn about festivals or large outdoor events that might be happening around the same time you visit.

Just because you’re traveling alone doesn’t mean you can’t go out late at night. Take safety precautions, but check places that are popular for their nightlife or night scenes if you are so prone or a night owl.

Learn a few key local language phrases if you can or if English might be a problem in the city you are visiting, invest in a dictionary or an app that helps you get around and get around.


Research public transportation in a new city. Check if there is a hop-on hop-off bus or trams or trains that travel between cities. In the worst case, there is always Grab, Uber or the local equivalent.


Make your life easier by confirming that your flight or other mode of transportation is on time. Board the plane early so you don’t go crazy looking for a seat in the overhead compartment. Pack a snack or water if you need it.

Finally, don’t forget to tell a friend or relative your route, so someone knows where you are and where to find you if needed.

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