Hikers underestimate their physical abilities and their equipment

Many injuries in the mountains are due to unsuitable shoes, explains the head of the mountain rescuers.

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Last week, mountain rescuers responded when two hikers fell from a height of 300 meters, helping injured and lost hikers. Many warnings underestimated by the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Mountain Rescue Service, as well as their physical condition and equipment.

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Mountain Rescue Service (HZS) chairman Marek Biskupič said people should not underestimate the mountains.

“Injuries do not only occur in difficult mountain sections, but also on regular tourist routes, such as the Studený Potok waterfalls, forest paths and tourist routes,” he said, as quoted by the SITA newswire. “You always have to be careful and above all, think about your own safety.”

Before the hike itself, it is necessary to know the current weather first, says HZS. In October, a person must also find out about the degree of avalanche danger in the locality he wishes to visit.

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Snow and ice warnings are currently in the High Tatras and Western Tatras.

“If someone starts to move in the mountains, they should gradually increase the difficulty of the trek and be adequately equipped for the given terrain,” the director of mountain rescuers told SITA. “We repeatedly help tourists who were wearing inappropriate footwear. Shoes cause the majority of injuries. It’s a bet with your own health.

According to the HZS, tracking increases the chances of saving a person in the event of a fall, accident or loss. Therefore, HZS recommends tourists going to the mountains to install the HZS app and save the hotline phone numbers or HZS operation center phone numbers, depending on the location.

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