Here’s your ultimate guide to the best places to shop in Lucknow

It is not such a revealing statement as revealing that Lucknow, the city of the Nawabs and the capital of Uttar Pradesh is popularly known for its chic and economical markets. In Lucknow, you should demand your share of the grandeur of this cultural hub. Do you know why? Well, for that you have to stop at some of these famous and best markets in Lucknow to shop till you drop! By Shrestha Purkayastha

Those who had intrigues in the story would know well that the Nawabs of Awadh were celebrated for adorning striking garments and jewellery. Exclusive to their gastronomic supremacy which includes mouth-watering biryani, lip-smacking skewers and an endless list of much more, they would again and again delight in their crafts and textiles.

Tickle the shopaholic in you by taking you shopping in Lucknow

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This arts center is undeniably a famous tourist attraction in North India with various ancient monuments dating back to the time when the Nawabs established their dynasty in the city. And, now you have to get used to Lucknow’s most famous shopping markets and destinations every time you visit. From gorgeous clothes to intricate shoes and more, don’t get carried away by fancy malls, but drag yourself to these traditional markets we’ve noted for you.


Shopping in Lucknow
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Planted in the heart of the city, Hazratganj is known to be the best place for shopping in Lucknow. Late night bazaars, theaters, restaurants or even shopping complexes, ask anything and Hazratganj would be the answer. Although this market is not a bargain entertainment, everything you get here is worth every penny. If you like khadi clothes, this is definitely the place for you. Also, you can expect to get your hands on amazing Chikankari fabrics, textiles, shoes and kurta at very affordable prices.

Things to buy: Handwoven sarees, chikankari kurtis, khadi, embellishments

Chowk Lucknow

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Are you someone who is fascinated by perfumes and scents like we do? So allow us to introduce you to this one-of-a-kind destination that will keep you glued to all of its vibe and collections. Chowk promises to chase you with its old-world charm as you wind your way through the criss-crossing streets selling a vast array of ittars (fragrances). With handcrafted decorative items, Zardosi embroidered dresses, Chikankari clothes, Nagra-style shoes and creative lampshades, this place won’t let you turn your back.

Things to buy: Zardosi cloth, ittars (perfumes), decorative items, chikankari clothing

Aminabad Market

Lucknow Market
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Established as far back as the heroic times of the Nawabs, Aminabad is considered to be one of the oldest and most famous markets in Lucknow. If you are confident that you have mastered the art of date trading today, this is definitely the perfect hub for you. You can get several household items and top quality clothes at affordable prices. If you are also attracted to buying many books at an affordable price, this place will lead you there as well. Gadbadjala of Aminabad is one of many popular attractions where you can come across a plethora of colorful bracelets of your choice.

Things to buy: Hosiery, sheets, chikankari fabric, shoes

Janpath Bazaar

Best Places to Shop Lucknow
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One more market for shopping in Lucknow, Janpath Bazaar is the beat of this city and it sees the most customers throughout the year. This street is covered with contemporary clothing chains and vintage designer showrooms. Just drop by the famous Sugandhco Showroom to take a look at their rare collection of fragrances. Spending some of the most aromatic incense sticks and room fresheners is sure to be an experience to remember.

Things to buy: leather bags, belts, shoes

Alambagh market

Best Places to Shop Lucknow
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Considered the commercial center of Wall Street in Lucknow, Alambagh holds a history worthy of the era of the Nawabs. With over a hundred jewelry stores, this market is known as the center of jewelry in the country. With plenty of affordable options for shoes, clothes, tasty snacks, and local sweets, Alambagh is truly your go-to shopping destination if you still don’t know how to shop with a hole in your pocket.

Things to buy: Gemstones, antique goods, jewelry, shoes, electronics


Famous Lucknow Shopping Spots
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Located right in the heart of Lucknow’s garment district, this beautiful market guarantees consumers convenient fabric of supreme quality. With artisans and tailors creating beautiful and detailed Zardosi as well as Chikankari work, admirers have no choice but to get carried away. Interestingly, customers can even do their customization there for any unique designs they are looking for.

Things to buy: Ready-to-wear, designer sarees, chikankari clothing

Bhootnath Market

Lucky purchases
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For tourists and locals, Bhootnath market is well known for its wide range of clothes. Whether it’s dried fruits, clothes, antique jewelry or souvenirs, this market has it all. Breathe in the best of Lucknow’s engaging culture in this marketplace with vendors who happily partake in this bargaining game with you.

Things to buy: Exclusive aromatic spices, fabrics, containers, antique jewelry

Lal Bagh Market

Lucknow Markets
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Adding one more to the list of best shopping destinations in Lucknow, Lal Bagh market is popularly referred to as the electronic shelter of Lucknow. People are literally flocking to the stores here for amazing deals at top notch prices. Conveniently located, it greets you with a gigantic island of the best in new and used electronics. Whether it’s mobile accessories, cell phones, MP3 gadgets or anything related to electronics, you get everything under the sun.

Things to buy: Accessories, electronics, cell phones, laptops

Halwasiya Market

Shopping in Lucknow
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Halwasiya is this energetic hub for shopping in Lucknow, you get a taste of things no matter what age group you belong to. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous long dresses or antique jewelry, looking for a kids’ section, or even looking for creative t-shirts and home decor items, this marketplace is your one-stop-shop. Well also, if your negotiation skills are great, expect to buy in bulk from those smart sellers out there.

Things to buy: Jewelry, shoes, children’s toys, handicrafts, ready-to-wear

Nakha market

Lucknow Shopping Destinations
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Street shopping in Lucknow takes over your precious travel diary as you step into the 200-year-old Nakhas Market. With over 12,000 stores in this market, you’ll be spoiled for choice here. Sundays is when the fun flea market is assembled in Nakhas and you would be amazed at the crazy low prices for second hand goods. Local Zardosi clothing, as well as eye-catching murals and miniature pieces, this market has enough potential to keep you glued.

Things to buy: Wooden crafts, handicrafts, zardosi clothes

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