Fall-Con brings games, celebrities and tourism to Quincy

QUINCY (WGEM) – Fall-Con 2022 is taking place in downtown Quincy this weekend.

The event features games, celebrity appearances, and local and out-of-town vendors, like Patrick Kehoe.

“I travel around conventions and different events basically to sell miniature games,” Kehoe said.

Kehoe traveled from St. Charles, Missouri to sell his Piratepat games.

He said he took a liking to the natives of Quincy.

“Seems like they’re outgoing, nice little town,” Kehoe said.

Fall-Con 2022 brings the people of Quincy together while bringing some tourist revenue to the Quincy economy.

Fall-Con manager Mike Stanbridge said area hotels were full for the weekend.

“I don’t know if we’re responsible, but if you’re trying to book a hotel room tonight, it’s impossible guys,” Stanbridge said.

He said he plans to bring more local events to the area.

“I love downtown and we’re going to continue to host more events,” Stanbridge said. “The kids are having a great time. A lot of kids in Quincy don’t get the chance to attend events like this.

Actor Mark Holton also spent time in Quincy for the convention.

“There are things to do and things to see. Come down, they’ve got smoked turkey legs you’ll die for,” Holton said.

He made an appearance to host a special screening of his film, ‘The PeeWee’s Great Adventure in Quincy, but said he wanted to experience more of the tri-states.

“Then I found out Hannibal was just down the road. And my Mark Twain thing went… [expression of excitement]“, said Holton.

Fall-Con will continue at Quincy Town Center on Sunday.

Parking is free during the event and a special screening of ‘Back to the future’ will take place at 1 p.m.

One of the actors in this film, JJ Cohen, will introduce the film and answer questions from the audience.

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