Extinct places in Europe you should visit | Travel Guide

While a trip to Europe is one of the top holiday destinations, people tend to head to the more popular tourist sites and ignore the lesser-known, older, or perhaps even endangered places that are just as important. Indeed, many places are unmissable before disappearing forever. So let us help you include them in your itinerary. First, check out our list of the best vanished places in Europe you should visit!

Photo by Inés Álvarez Fdez on Unsplash

Bordeaux wine estates

Visiting the beautiful and impressive Bordeaux is usually part of every visit to France, and yet you should hurry if you want to explore it while you can!

According to scientists, due to climate change, Bordeaux vineyards have suffered enormously. An increase in hot days during the flowering season causes the gripes to mature much faster than they should, and this is only progressing. So, in about thirty years, it is quite possible that the famous Bordeaux wine estates will only be able to produce a third of what they do today!

So you must visit as soon as you can! While you’ve still got a few decades left, probably don’t procrastinate – the wine is waiting for you!

Bordeaux wine: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2014/08/24/16/42/wine-426463_1280.jpg

White Cliffs of Dover

Probably the premier destination in Kent, England, the White Cliffs of Dover are an awe-inspiring landscape of iconic rock formations facing the Strait of Dover and France. However, as majestic as they are, it is better to visit them now rather than later.

And yes, the reason is, again, climate change. Rapid changes in our atmosphere and therefore climate in general are causing the White Cliffs of Dover to erode much faster than they should. Abnormally even! So it’s only a matter of time before the cliffs cease to exist.

It has also caused an unusual number of violent storms that damage the surface of the cliffs, only further accelerating its extinction.

White Cliffs of Dover: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2019/03/07/17/29/sea-4040703_1280.jpg

Zahara de la Sierra

Set in the Andalusian hills of the province of Cádiz, the charming town of Zahara de la Sierra is famous for its vast flora and fauna, olive groves and picturesque houses. It’s a nice vacation spot for anyone who wants to see the most authentic side of Spain, and yet no one knows for how long.

Although the city itself will not perish anytime soon, climate change is strongly influencing the famous greenery that people love so much. While it has been declared a village of historical and artistic importance, the natural side of Zahara de la Sierra is in real danger of extinction.

That’s why you should include it in your Eurotrip, or even if you’re just visiting Spain. While humanity is weak enough to fight nature, we can enjoy what’s around us while we’re still able!

Zahara de la Sierra, cactus: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/10/27/16/09/zahara-de-la-sierra-1775562_1280.jpg

Canals of Venice

It’s heartbreaking to put Venice on this list, and yet the danger is very real. What was once, and still is, one of the premier vacation destinations full of awe-inspiring sights, historical landmarks, and unique entertainment, Venice is on the way out.

It has been common knowledge for many years now that Venice is a slow sinker and beloved historic buildings and famous attractions slowly recede into nearby waters. Of course, the process is relatively slow, but there have already been major floods that served as a real reality check. Scientists aren’t so optimistic about Venice, and it’s quite possible that the city won’t be gone in just a few decades.

There is also the issue of population. Due, apparently, to poor living conditions, an insane number of residents leave Venice every year – there are about 1000 fewer people living there every year. So you might want to visit while there is still life!

Venice: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2013/10/12/23/59/gondolas-194835_1280.jpg

Stadium of Olympia

Known to all, the archaeological site of Olympia, in Greece, is one of the most anticipated sites to see there. Historically significant, the stadium has always been at the top of Europe’s most impressive archaeological sites and is particularly important to the sporting community, as the Greeks used it during the ancient Olympics.

That being said, though, you might want to get on it sooner rather than later. Due to high temperatures and increasing heat, Greece is experiencing more and more forest fires. There have already been a number of instances where the fires have come close to the stadium, putting it in huge danger. You never know what tragedy awaits us, and from what we’ve seen, the Olympia stadium is in serious danger!

Greece, site of the ancient Olympic Games: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2013/04/21/15/29/greece-106224_1280.jpg

The glaciers of the Alps

The highest and most extensive mountain range lies entirely in Europe and spans France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. It is one of the most impressive sites in Europe, accessible from many places and adored by many travelers.

However, its impressive glaciers, mainly those in Switzerland, are in danger of extinction. Although it is not a surprise and that the Swiss Alps began to melt right after the ice age, since 1980 the speed of it started dramatically and its rate is still alarming. Although this creates beautiful crystal clear lakes, the glaciers are rapidly disappearing, and not only does this affect the livelihoods of nearby towns and villages in Switzerland, but it is also a sad loss for all of us travelers. So waste no time and start planning your trip to Switzerland to see the glaciers of the Alps now!

The Glaciers of the Alps: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2022/04/11/09/32/glacier-7125359_1280.jpg

And There you go! Try to make plans that would include all of these sites, and when planning any trip, remember to research any places that might not be there the next time you visit. I hope you can still visit whatever you desire, but with these rapid changes in the world, it’s risky. Good luck!