Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Adorable Special Companions | All Companions Guide

Get a special furry friend to follow you everywhere.


Disney Valley of Dreams is full of friendly villagers that you will level up as you work with them to complete quests and other activities. Villagers (in the form of classic Disney characters like Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse) aren’t the only companions you’ll make in the Valley. You can also acquire animal buddies – creatures that follow you around. Unlike your villager friends, these animal companions really don’t have DO anything. They don’t help you forage. They do not facilitate fishing. They just watch incredibly cute. Isn’t that all that matters?

There are two types of pets: special companions and regular companions. Special Companions are unique unlockable animal characters that can only be acquired one way – by completing quests, unlocking through a Battle Pass, or through in-game purchases and special editions. We will list all animal companions and how to unlock them here. This includes any special companions and their unlock conditions, and how to (eventually) unlock friendly creatures like bunnies, squirrels, sea turtles and more.

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List of special companions

There are several unique companions that you can unlock by purchasing special editions of Disney Valley of Dreams or unlock them in-game. These companions don’t give any bonuses – they’re purely cosmetic little creatures. They’re adorable, and here’s where they come from.

  • Chocolate Crocodile: Unique companion offered as a gift to players in early access. Anyone who logged in during the first week of Early Access will receive Choco Crocodile in a special in-game package.
  • Poua: Complete Moana’s friendship quests. Unlocks after the fourth quest.
  • IncrediSquirrel: Available on the Pixar Fest Star Path Battle Pass. Earn Pixar currency to unlock.
  • Celestial Sea Turtle: Only available as a bonus included in the Founder’s Pack / Deluxe Edition / Ultimate Edition.
  • royal fox: Exclusive Companion only available with the purchase of the Founder’s Pack – Ultimate Edition.

How to unlock regular animal companions

In addition to special companions (listed above), you can also earn regular animal companions. By feeding random creatures in each environment their favorite/liked foods, they will eventually become a companion that you can assign.

  • Pets should be fed approximately 5 ~ times in a row become friends. Keep feeding them without interrupting your streak – if you give them foods they don’t like or miss a day, you’ll have to start over.
  • The longer you maintain your feeding rhythm, the more likely an animal is to become a companion. Continue like that ! You will eventually earn them.

Different colors of animals appear at different times of the day according to the calendar, and different animals appear in each kingdom. Depending on the animal, you will need to give it different favorite foods and approach it in a different way. Each animal can only be approached and fed by following specific actions – read more about feeding creatures here.