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Many people equate travel with high prices and excess. After all, for many people, the holidays only come once or twice a year. While it’s true that the “go big or go home” mantra is never far from mind on vacation, ensuring a fun-filled trip doesn’t require emptying your wallet. The world is full of affordable destinations for those willing to do their research and think outside the box. Plus, even places billed as expensive can be made more affordable with a few smart travel tips.

North American national parks

North America’s national parks are budget destinations. These parks offer incredibly scenic vistas and plenty of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Most offer modest entry fees and affordable adjoining accommodation. Travel can be even more economical by camping on park land.

Nashville’s appeal may be strong, but nearby Chattanooga can also be a fun place to enjoy southern hospitality. Chattanooga is centrally located to many parts of the United States. Chattanooga is home to the Tennessee Aquarium, which has a large freshwater aquarium and the chance to touch sturgeon, which is an ancient species of fish.

When looking for warmer climates and sandy beaches, many travelers immediately think of the Caribbean islands. But for the budget conscious, countries like El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Costa Rica may be more affordable. These countries are also home to rich jungles and ancient ruins.

Theme parks can be a big part of Florida’s tourist appeal, but these parks can be pricey for families. Looking elsewhere in Florida for dream destinations that are easier to save up for doesn’t take a lot of work. St. Augustine in North Florida is America’s oldest city and is full of historic landmarks, quaint shops and great restaurants. The town is also just five miles northwest of St. Augustine Beach, which offers miles of shoreline to explore.

Many people flock to the relaxing shores of Spain or enjoy the culture and nightlife of France. Tucked away nearby, Portugal has its own gorgeous beaches, delicious cuisine, historic towns and locally produced wines without the inflated prices of neighboring countries.

The rich history of Quebec makes it an essential Canadian destination. It is especially vivid in winter, when the snowy landscape creates perfect memories. The accommodations are also very affordable.

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive when budget destinations are on the map.

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