Cooperation agreement in tourism signed between Turkey and Paraguay

Cooperation agreement in tourism signed between Turkey and Paraguay

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy and Paraguayan Minister of Tourism Sofia Montiel de Afara signed the “Turkey-Paraguay Tourism Cooperation Agreement”.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held at the ministry’s conference hall, Minister of Culture and Tourism Ersoy said that the Turkish Embassy was opened in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, on November 20, 2018. , thanks to Turkey’s efforts towards Latin America and the Caribbean. Region.

Expressing that a new process has been launched in bilateral relations with Paraguay, Ersoy said that following this first step, in particular the execution of technical cooperation projects through TIKA and the relationships established with organizations regions have accelerated relations with Paraguay.

Ersoy said the number of cooperations and projects between the two countries is increasing day by day with the contribution of relevant institutions.

Stating that the main objective of the signed text is to share the rich tourism experiences of the two countries, Ersoy said, “With this agreement, we have obtained the necessary roadmap to diversify tourism opportunities and ensure a comprehensive and sustainable transformation. The signatures will create an infrastructure for existing and potential investors and greatly contribute to mutual tourism mobility. said.

“We can focus on co-productions on active television channels”

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy pointed out that one of the most important benefits of tourism is that it allows people from different cultures to get to know each other.

Ersoy said tourism will reveal new opportunities for cooperation in the field of culture in this regard, and when these opportunities are assessed, the peoples of the two countries will overcome geographical distances with cultural knowledge and awareness.

Minister Ersoy said: “We can produce concrete projects in the coming period, we can focus on programs and co-productions promoting gastronomy, historical places, travel routes and local cultures on television channels active in both countries”. he said.

Noting that Paraguayan Minister Afara said that many Turkish series are broadcast on their country’s television channels and are watched with interest, Ersoy stressed that the measures taken and the new opportunities that have emerged will further strengthen bilateral relations with the country. Paraguay in recent years.

“This will promote relations between the two nations”

Paraguayan Tourism Minister Afara said the cooperation they signed will promote economic growth, environmental protection and relations between the two nations through tourism.

Affirming that this cooperation will contribute to the development of an authentic tourism model, Afara indicated that diversifying offers, encouraging investments and implementing good practices are priority actions.