A Guide to New York’s Finger Lakes

Food and drink are an integral part of life here. The area has become the premier craft cider-making region in the United States in recent years, while villages dotting the lakes have long embraced viticulture. Wine tours are an exhilarating way to explore the region and sample some of the riches it has to offer.

A great place to start a first visit, outside of the big cities, is Ithaca, known for its waterfalls, downtown walking, and bustling food and beer scene. Stay at Argos Inna boutique hotel with a nostalgic bar that’s also a short walk from downtown.

Southwest of Ithaca, the town of Corning is also easy to navigate and has a main street with plenty of food and drink options, as well as an abundance of interesting sights. museums to browse. You can also visit the small village of Aurora, which is a serene lakeside getaway with plenty of historic homes to sniff around. During the summer, you can swim at Long Point State Park, stock up on treats at the Farmer’s Market, or enjoy scenic drives along the Cayuga Wine Trail. Make your base at Aurore Hostelwhich has a nearby spa overlooking the lake.

Finally, when deciding where to stay, especially in more rural wine regions, it’s important to remember that most major towns outside of major cities are located above or below the lakes. Depending on the length of your visit, it’s best to navigate from one of these and stick to one area. It’s important to keep in mind that seeing the whole area would require multiple visits, so don’t worry if you can’t fit it all in. There is always the next time.