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One might not think of a desert as a place full of nature, history and vast visual beauty. Welcome to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. This amazing park is located about 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas. And about 16 miles south of Overton, Nevada; A small unincorporated town located at the north end of Lake Mead, this park is a true geological marvel.

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This Nevada state park comprises approximately 46,000 acres and plenty to explore. With so much to discover, you’ll find all the interesting history as well as the eye-pleasing beauty in one park. Beauty, however, is not the only unique feature of this park; you will also see remnants of years gone by here. It is quite a remarkable sight to see the rock carvings known as petroglyphs on several rocks and boulders. According to experts, the carvings mainly signify hunting, gathering and cultivation. These marks were left by early Native Americans who occupied this area years ago.



The decorated reddish rock formations contain the designs of various images. The petroglyphs are said to date back 2000-4000 years. The fiery-looking red sandstone cliffs were formed as a result of shifting sand dunes during the age of the dinosaurs (150 million years ago). Terracing, uplift and erosion have now created this current landscape. The red colors throughout the park are the result of iron oxide in the rocks. You will find variations of amazing rock shapes and color patterns in the rocks throughout the park.

There are many unique features all around Valley of Fire. These include the following points of interest:

Mouse tank:

This area is named after an outlaw who used it as a hideout in the 1890s. This area is a natural pool and can hold rainwater harvests for several months. As you walk along the hiking trail that leads you to Mouse’s Tank, you will find several large boulders containing the prehistoric petroglyphs. The first humans that roamed this area during this time include the Pueblo peoples. Their approximate duration of occupation dates from 300 BC to 1150 AD.

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District of the Seven Sisters:
Several beautiful rock formations easily visible from the road as you cross the valley.
Beehives are amazing sandstone formations with geological layers or beds that are carved into the rock representing the angles of wind and water over a period of time.
Arch Rock Areas
Over millions of years, the sediment and sandstone accumulation materials were formed. The remaining arch is the result of wind and water erosion weakening the rocky sand. This point of interest is a very fragile structure and no climbing is allowed.
fire wave
The Fire Wave Trail is a high point in the Valley of Fire and one of the easiest hiking trails in the park. The trail is a 1.5 mile round trip low traffic trail that features striking scenery with beautiful wildflowers and rock formation patterns and views.
More points of interest in Valley of Fire
· Petrified Logs
Rainbow Vista
White domes

Valley of Fire State ParkFitLifeTravel

Valley of Fire State Park also allows camping on a first-come, first-served basis. There are two campgrounds and a combined total of 72 units. There are also RV camping sites. Rock climbing is permitted but limited to designated areas of the park.

Valley of Fire State Park Information

Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset with 24-hour access to the campsites.
Entrance fees (see all park fees) $10.00 per car
Contact 702-397-2088 CP 515
Overton, Nevada 89040

The brilliance of desert landscapes such as Valley of Fire State Park may surprise you. The vibrant red colors, shapes and caves make this park an incredible experience full of discovery and exploration. With plenty of easy hiking trails, camping options, and historical significance, you’ll find this red-light desert an adventure wonderland!

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