8 Delicious Road Trip Destinations Within Two Hours of Toronto

Toronto summer has arrived and (some) road tolls have been lifted – so, we think it’s time to plan your summer road trip with great meals.

If you’re tired of wasting two hours of your day in Toronto traffic, maybe it’s time for a change of scenery.

Check out these eight places where you can enjoy great food and make your summer road trip dreams come true in two hours.

Lang on the water

If you’re on your way south, go to Lang on the Water in Grimsby. This place offers some of the best traditional Vietnamese cuisine with the view of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline if the sky is clear. Their menu offers a wide range of options such as Vietnamese flavored cocktails, Phở (rice noodle soup) and Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancakes).

Travel time: 51 minutes
Address: 33, promenade Place Polonaise, Grimsby
Call: (289) 235-9399
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Sipping your way to the Niagara wineries? Great. Fun. Exciting. But you know what is particularly better? Stop to eat quality local products. Located near the wineries pools, there are two ways to dine at Incoho: an all-day breakfast and lunch menu or a 7-course tasting menu. Incoho particularly focuses on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

Journey time: 1 hour and 11 minutes
Address: 281 St. Paul Street, Unit B, St. Catharines
Call: (905) 682-0766
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Urban Pantry

Ontario’s true farm-to-table meals live here. Located in Uxbridge, also known as Trail Capital of Canada. Urban Pantry specializes in contemporary Canadian cuisine with some dishes inspired by other cuisines. Urban Pantry also collaborates and sources ingredients from local farmers and breweries.

Bonus: Urban Pantry is a Feast On Certified Ontario restaurant and is open 7 days a week. There are also so many fun outdoor activities to do in this area.

Journey time: 52 minutes
Address: 4 Toronto Street North, Uxbridge
Call: (905) 852-5050
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The Shredder

If you want to visit the beautiful lake of Georgian Bay, you absolutely must visit The Chipper, located directly on Sunset Point Park in Collingwood. This spot is a local favorite famous for its hand cut fries, burgers and ice cream in the summer. It is located along the beach promenade, with various paths and a huge playground. Open seven days a week!

Journey time: 1 hour and 48 minutes
Address: 35 St. Lawrence Street, Sunset Point Park, Collingwood
Call: (705) 888-2013
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St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market

If you’re looking for a Toronto getaway in the West, you have to stop by St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market! I’m talking about the real city escape experience. This region is still home to the largest population of Mennonites in Canada. So you might see local farmers riding horses and buggies to market.

There are over 100 vendors in this market where you can buy local produce or stock your pantry with fresh local produce, meat and dairy depending on the season! They have a wide range of food options, from tacos, perogies and burgers to rotis. Find out more about their stalls in their supplier directory.

The market also has a Market Road Antique store which recently expanded an additional 6,000 square feet with new vendors and is open seven days a week.

Journey time: 1 hour and 11 minutes
Address: 878 Weber Street North, Waterloo
Call: (519) 747-1830
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The Planet Dinner

Where herbivores can bring their carnivorous friends and family! The Planet Diner is an inclusive environment that brings people together, whether you’re anti-gluten, vegan, or primarily carnivorous. The Planet Diner specializes in comfort food and their donuts make you want to buy seconds.

Besides Stratford being the hometown of Justin Bieber, there are plenty of Things to do in the city and its surroundings. Also, while you’re at it, check out the Stratford Festival.

Journey time: 1h35
Address: 18 Downie Street Stratford, Ontario
Call: (519) 305-5888
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The Big Apple

To the east ? Consider stopping at The Big Apple for a fresh apple pie, grab a bite at the Snack Attack Shack food truck, sit down at the bakery, restock your maple supply at the Maple Shack, or grab lunch at the Smokehouse Kitchen! There is also a mini-putt, train rides, and free activities at the facility.

The Big Apple can be seen from Highway 401 heading east or west. Honestly, you can’t miss this stop. And if you did, turn back!

Journey time: 1 hour and 33 minutes
Address: 262 Orchard Road, Colborne
Call: (905) 355-2574
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Glamping, organic farming, an on-site brewery and a delicious summer road trip all in one place. Fonterra, located in Prince Edward County, offers a rich beachside experience, including foods such as fresh harvested vegetables and heirloom eggs. You can also join their culinary workshops on food production, preparation and preservation!

Travel time: 2 hours
Address: 242 North Beach Road (County Road 27), Prince Edward County »
Call: (905) 355-2574
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